Microsoft Visual C++ library often required for programs developed with Visual C++

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Msvcp100.dll is a system file necessary for many games and programs. This file is a part of Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 package which is used as an auxiliary platform for launching applications. The first obvious solution to the problem of missing Msvcp100.dll library is to install this package. But you can also try to install the file manually. Let's discuss these two ways in more detail.

Installing Visual C++

If there is no such DLL file, it means that perhaps there is no whole Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 package either. It is the installation that should be the first step, and the probability of solving the problem in this way is quite high. Also, even if you copy Msvcp100.dll manually, you may need other files from this library package for your game (or program). If the package has already been installed, it can be updated because the file under discussion may not be available in earlier versions of Microsoft Visual C++.

Manually copying a file

If, for some reason, you cannot or do not want to install Visual C++, you may try to fix the problem manually. You may download 32 and 64-bit versions of the file from us. If the system is 64-bit, try a file of the same digit capacity. If the 64-bit file does not fit, download the 32-bit one. Copy the downloaded file to the system folders. In the archive you will also find an instruction where you will find all the folders where the file should be located. After copying, you may need to register the file. The registration process is also described in the instruction manual.

I am very passionate about my video games , in that I like to finish them when I start them . one day upon opening the game I was currently playing a pop-up displayed itself telling me my msvcp100.dll was missing . I was tired of seeing this pop up and began to look for a better solution other than reinstalling the complete Microsoft Visual C 2010 package . at this time it is 2019 I do not want to downgrade my Microsoft Visual C . I don't even use visual C I just want to play the game not write it . this is what what makes this a fantastic download it only it installs what your game needs . it has extra files as well because most likely if your msvcp100.dll is missing there are a couple of other files that may be missing as well . it reinstalls and refreshes them all , causing your game to run smoother . it does not install files you do not need , and gives you the freedom to delete Microsoft Visual C 2010 , if you do not use it . this download is great . I love it .
This software has something to do with a gaming environment. It looks like it maybe has some glitch issues because the description included a possible need to reinstall. It also appears to be a software that runs many programs simultaneously but that might be part of the problem and why a new reinstall or new upload to systems folder is necessary.
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