by Podien

A small tool allowing the user to change the FontSideBus

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Podien

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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CPUFSB is a simplified version of CPUCooL that allows you to change the FSB frequency without having to reboot your computer. The application supports motherboards on VIA, SIS, Intel, ALI and AMD chipsets.

I'm not sure what this software product does. Does CPUFSB stand for something? I also think that the description on the product should use viewer acronyms; acronyms to those of us who don't work in the industry, are especially confusing. I wish that I could provide a more in-depth review, but without really understanding the product, I do not think that is possible.
While I'm not much of a tech nerd myself, I could see some moments where a person may want their computer to run faster in order to accomplish tasks that would otherwise be impossible or "take forever." From what I can understand, this sort of tool would allow that to be possible, without the hassle of searching through System files and coding. Without needing to reboot as well, more time is saved, and it allows quicker shifting between FSB speeds so that the user can go back from being safe to risky, and vice versa, in a snap.
thi is a software who is a simplified version of CPUCooL that allows you to change the FSB frequency without having to reboot your computer, is very useful because this way protect your SSD or your flash drive to a error of encoding or encripting
If I am correct, it is used for over clocking your PC, for better performance. fRont side bus, something that interacts with the motherboard or cpu chip set. I have no real knowledge on the subject. I found that it also does something for the processors chipset of the computer system.
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