by MuTools

An easy-to-use music production tool that helps you to create music

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: MuTools

Release: MULAB 7.7.4

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Initially, upon hearing about the software, I admit, I was skeptical. As always, I like to carry around my inner skeptic for later use. In this case, I was not wrong to so. Had I been so completely open to the new software, I’m sure I wouldn’t have appreciated it as much as I currently do. I personally have little to no background with creating music, so this in itself was somewhat of a hindrance to the process as well. I was referred to this by a friend, and I can honestly say that I was not disappointed by the amount of knowledge I was able to compress in such a short time. The design is impeccable, the sound quality superb, and the layout nothing short of extraordinary.  All-in-all though I was surprised at how easy I was able to find my way, it seems like the software is designed to be easy to use. Out of all of its features, I was most fascinated with the following:

  • The overall intuitive design that let me feel like a pro early on, which was absolutely not the case. 
  • An uncluttered user interface. Again this touches on the layout, but I cannot fully express how simple yet incredible the process felt. 
  • Absolutely cut to the chase functionality. I’m aware that other programs can be tedious to decipher and load. This was not the case with MuLabs. 
  • AFFORDABLE. Let’s be honest, who wants to pay an arm and a leg for a software that you may only be used for a short time. I was lucky enough to get an easily workable software, at a GREAT price, and this alone ensures that I will be utilizing the software for years to come if I’m lucky. 
  • Lastly, the sound quality: I was shocked at how many available sounds and tweaks I was able to make for the amount of money I paid. I sincerely expected a “catch” though none ever came. 


Aretha Perry
The overall intuitive design that let me feel like a pro early on, which was absolutely not the case.
There are many competitors in music softwares, MULAB is one of the best it provide easy interface to mix different audios. Many other tools are available but Price is very high. Special thing for which I recommend MULAB is sound quality.
MuLab is a modern and efficient form of editing software for music and audio. MuLab supports essential editing techniques such as time stretching and pitch shifting. MuLab is also capable of multi-core CPU support and advanced integration between composer and sound engine. For the average sound editor's needs, there are few programs more fit the MuLab to get the job done.
Ryan Crane
This software prepared me to be a real producer while using Windows. It is extremely powerful and created very high end high quality music no matter how complicated the production might be. If you need more you can get your plug ins but its an amazing place to start.
I love this music production for windows. It's all I need to get my work done. It's a complete product for making music. Any music producers out there give it a try. I found it to be very useful. I can create, edit and play my audio within this software. I love the creative time stretch feature.
Nice to use for beginners for audio production. It has good instrument effects, MIDI Sequencing, and audio recordings. Presets option made us clear to do our work efficiently and easily. Here I mention that the software is very light weighted and I wondered about that. I never had such an experience with other software. The software layout and composing window are very easy to understand. The audio output timing and rendering works timing is very decent.
Gift for music lover,Haters attracts with music,first class audio quality,Open source,Plays on any OS,User friendly,Fast acccess,Developed with Better plugin, Enriched experience
Imagine having it all? having a way you can record and produce great music in one place. This software does wonder it gives confidence to upcoming musicians you can grow and be. You record and produce on your own and you will only show it to the world when you are ready.
MULAB for Windows has an array of features that make it a great music production software. It has an easy to use modular architecture feature that allows you to create unique sounds for your productions. The world-class synth plugins plus super fat oscillators make it a truly high-quality music production engine for your creations, you can also use this software on MacOS.
MULAB for Windows is a music studio tool that is easy and is designed to create, record, edit, and finalize your music production.
Mulab is an world-class synths, simpler music studio which runs on both Mac and Windows Operating Systems. It supports creating, editing and playing multi-track audio and music. It has top quality uncompromised support engine supported by super fat oscillators with 300 selected waveforms. It includes MuSampla, MUPad and MultiSampla sample players.
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