Ulead GIF Animator

Ulead GIF Animator is a tool that lets you create and modify GIFs

Operating system: Windows

Release: Ulead GIF Animator 5.05

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Ulead Gif Animator is a software program that was developed to allow ease of access to creating GIF files in one application. These GIFs can be implemented almost anywhere you need it to, from a Powerpoint to your developing website. It comes with a suite of tools that can be used for making the perfect GIF for your technological needs.


  • Downsizing GIF file size for compression.  
  • Modify and edit already existing GIF
  • Export in various file formats such as AVI, GIF, MPEG, and more.
  • User-friendly interface with descriptions of different tools
  • Preview project before exporting
  • Animation tweening optimized by software features
  • Photoshop capabilities 
  • Drag and drop capabilities

The Ulead GIF Animator application is excellent for developing animators and also inexperienced people who need a moving visual representation. This app allows your edit a pre-existing GIF or start from scratch for customization. The software comes complete with a suite of tools that are essential to GIF making and animation. It separates your GIF frame by frame, allowing the user to see precisely what the GIF is showing at every last, excellent detail. 

It supports multiple files types, including GIF, MPEG, and AVI.

The export feature that is available with this software allows you to have your creation to have a wide range of compatibility for wherever you need to use it. It has features that allow for the creator to add audio to the Gif, to even further personalize the experience for its users. The software is able to detect low smoothness in animation and correct it by filling in empty and/or corrupted frames with acceptable images .

Lastly, a convienent drag and drop feature is available to allow you to manage different objects more fluidly and simultaneously. The speeds up the overall time that is required for the workload that needs to be process, which saves you precious time. 

Corey Ferguson
Ulead GIF Animator is a tool for experienced, inexperienced and other animators looking to create or enhance GIFs. Other features include multiple format options such as MPEG, GIF, and AVI. The tool also has many others features that are very user friendly.
This product seems to be something I would want to get myself. I've always wanted to create gifs but I didn't want to use some app off the app store that had simple features. This gif creator has a plethora of features and the GUI seems to be intuitive and also in a style that I like.
Ulead GIF Animator software is the ultimate GIF creation tool that is ideal for experts as well as those who are getting started. Loaded with extra editing options such as photoshop editing, downsizing to compress the GIF!, and even to sprinkle in a little audio for your visual. This app has it all including a user friendly interface, allows users to export, and supports multiple file types.
The animation is a powerful and best way to communicate the message effectively and easily. Many websites around the world now use animations on their websites for different purposes, such as to promote products, give insight about their business, educate their readers, etc. Ulead Gif Animator is one such tool that you can use to generate high-quality animations for any purpose. GIF is an abbreviation of "Graphics Interchange Format". You can edit, compose, or put special effects in your animation using Gif Animator. Ulead GiF Animator is the best software for animations. It comes with amazing and advanced features. You can create animation with great control. Images are compact and web-ready without compromising the quality of the image. You can get output in various file formats such as Windows AVI, QuickTime, Autodesk Animation, Image sequences, and Flash Animation. One of the best and powerful features of gif animators is its ability to super compress the animation files, which makes it easy to download the file. Gif animator takes advantage of GiF files built-in capabilities. You can store and display more than one image. Gif Animator gives its users an easy interface to use and make animations. It comes with four major components when you start it. - The Toolbar - The Central Workspace - The Frame Panel - The Object Manager Given the amazing features, it is considered the full-featured suite. It comes with great tools. One of the most popular tools of GiF Animator is Tweening tool, as already stated compression tool is also popular and effective. Each GiF file comes with an index of colors. It has two palettes in GiF animated files. Global and Local Palettes. It is important to note that GiF Animator is built for Global Palette and use this palette automatically. It defines image colors in every animation. Gif Animator has many special features that make animation files best to use on the internet.
Brodie Yazzie
No one is a stranger to GIFs in this day in age as theyre a great way to express certain thing in an often funny way. In minutes I can create my own gifs of myself and my friends that we use on a daily bases. It makes conversations even that much more personalized. The animator works like a charm that anyone can use.
This is a platform that is available on windows that helps create GIFs through JPG and PNG images. GIFs are a popular 3 second motion meme that are seen all over the internet. You can export Flash, AVI, MPEG and QuickTime files on here as well. This app would be catered to people who have a presence on social media platforms and want to reach out to family friends and audiences when they want to see something funny. I think that this software has a lot of overall potential.
I found this program really useful for creating engaging and original gifs to use in presentations and training packages when I haven’t been able to find stock gifs that suit my needs or when I have an original idea that I want to use. It’s pretty simple to use and I’m not massively technologically minded so if I can use it anyone can!
Ulead GIF Animator is the software tool that should be in the tool belt of any amateur meme or graphic design artist. The simple tools make it easy for beginners to understand and it offers enough depth to keep even the most seasoned web surfer entertained for hours. It also offers compression of files to keep them at low enough sizes to upload easily and fast.
A really great animated image editor and creation software. It gives you the ability to export a lot of file format types like Flash, AVI, and QuickTime and is really easy to use because it has wizards that walk you through creating basic animations. The UI is easy to navigate and it doesn't feel like a super complicated program. I personally love the drag and drop editing capability that allows you to make animations just by moving objects around the canvas.
Definitely one of the best GIF creation tools that i've used. Ulead GIF Animator makes it really easy to make animated GIFs, literally in seconds. I use this tool all the time when i'm making websites; it's super quick to launch up and it's really easy to get started. I also love that you can link it to Photoshop, which just saves so much time. Would highly recommend it to people, like me, who make GIFs frequently.
Ulead GIF animator is a cool little program for animating gifs. It has basically everything you'd want in a gif animator. I use it all the time, never have any problems with it on my desktop. It's good for the beginner and for professional animators alike. It has a good range of different file types that it can export, and another HUUUGE perk is it can link to photoshop. This program saves me so much time.
Ulead GIF Animator for Windows is fantastic and has many useful features that help you to create GIFs on the fly. You can downsize GIF file sizes so they are ready for compression as well as modifying and editing GIFS. The interface and UI were very easy to pick up and the projects created can be exported as many different file types.
Ulead GIF Animator has many great features, including creating GIFS, the ability to utilize a wide variety of file types, personalizing animated greetings, the ability to use animation wizards, and a simple interface. After fifteen days, the free version of the software product expires and payment is required, however for all the benefits of the product, it is worth the price.
This is the king of GIF making. The software program is user friendly for both developing animators and inexperienced people. Once created they can be used anywhere, starting with Microsoft PowerPoint to developing websites. It comes with a suite of tools, such as, downsizing of big GIF files for compression, editing/modifying existing GIF files, exporting them to different file formats (AVI, MPEG and more). It also allows to separate the GIF frame by frame, allowing the user to view the animation to the last second with fine detail. The software will detect low smoothness in animation and correct it and provides acceptable images for corrupted frames. It also has a drag and drop feature that allows to manage different objects simultaneously.
Animated gifs give me life. They add the awesome sauce to life. Ulead GIF Animator for Windows is a software program that lets me create my own animated gifs. It's very user friend and has drag and drop functionality. I can export formats to share with the world in multiple formats such as gif, mpeg, and avi. Too cool.
As an artist and creative, I'm a big fan of Ulead GIF Animator for Windows. This program makes it easy to create my own GIFs that are fun, whimsical and full of animation so I can tailor and customize any webpage or PowerPoint file. This GIF animator comes with so many templates and libraries that I can use as a springboard for my own animations and develop them into my own with special effects, transitions and filters.
I love using the Ulead GIF Animator for Windows because it makes it so fun and easy to animate GIFs of my choosing in order to add a fun pop of color and motion on my websites and PowerPoint presentations. The animator is really easy and intuitive to use thanks to the user-friendly layout, and I appreciate that its animations are of professional quality.
Ulead GIF Animator for windows is the best application software the ultimate GIF creation tool is useful for experts as well as who are want to get start it. It creates GIF images to JPG and PNG images. It is a freeware application software. This application is allowed to use on PC, laptops, ultrabook. We can also edit and modify the GIF image that has already existed the edited images will be exported in different file formats such as GIF, MPEG, AVI and more file formats.
A great little tool to have is Ulead GIF Animator for Windows. This program let's you edit, modify, even created your very own GIF's. It is a perfect for a beginner due to the ease of learning to use it. It's handy for people who make their own website too. What makes it even better is that it is completely free for Windows.
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