by J C Kessels

Disk maintenance and defragging utility for Windows

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: J C Kessels

Release: MyDefrag 4.3.1

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Are you tired of the fact that the longer you use our computer, the slower it seems to get? That is because temporary files that Windows needs to operate are written and erased to and from free sectors of your hard disk without any regard for what else you need your disk to do. As a result, programs you need regularly are forced to write their data wherever Windows had left, which is hardly ever good, for either your programs or you. That's where a program like My Defrag for Windows comes in handy. My Defrag for Windows moves the data stored in your disk's sectors from the spread out and inconvenient places Windows has left behind and consolidated it in adjacent sectors. What that means for you is that your applications can find their data easily and must do less time-consuming disk reads and writes all over your hard disk. The gain in speed must be experienced to be believed! Things that used to take forever now happen in a flash. The hard disk light that used to be constant on now shows a happy disk at rest, and if your disk is happy there is an excellent chance that you are happy too!

When you install programs on a new disk, the allocation units are written to a single, contiguous area. After using My Defrag for Windows, that pristine state is happening once again. You might be willing to pay hundreds of dollars for a useful application like this, especially since it saves you from having to buy a new computer that may cost thousands of dollars. But hold on to your hat, because My Defrag for Windows costs you absolutely nothing! And if you are concerned about security, you should know that My Defrag for Windows does not move any files itself, but merely sends API calls to the core logic that is part of Windows, which is a rigorous gatekeeper for your machine, and would never let an unsafe program have access to our hard disk.

Keeps your hard disk in the best of health

  • My Defrag for Windows is faster than the competition
  • It is fully automatic and easy to use
  • Can defragment all hard disks
  • Makes your hard disk as fast as the day you first got it
  • Includes a handy screensaver
MyDefrag 3.31 (0.44 MB)
MyDefrag 3.35 (0.44 MB)
MyDefrag 3.36 (0.46 MB)
MyDefrag 4.3.1 (1.99 MB)
I highly recommend to start using this program, it offers me two modes of defragmentation, namely fast and complete, it also groups together all the files necessary for the execution of an application in an easily accessible memory area.
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