by Thomas R. Stromberg

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Thomas R. Stromberg

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namebench is a free program that allows you to increase the speed of "surfing" in the network by selecting the fastest DNS-servers. For those who do not know, every web resource on the Internet has its own IP address. When entering the URL, the DNS server determines the IP that corresponds to it and sends the user to the desired site. The sooner the request is sent and processed by the server, the sooner the page will be loaded. In general, DNS response is one of the most important factors that affect the speed of access to sites and other web resources.

The fastest and most secure servers are usually offered by Google and Yandex, so most ISPs use them by default. However, there are other reliable DNS servers that can provide higher response rates in individual cases. That's exactly what namebench is looking for. It's very easy to use the program. Just run the downloaded file and press the "Start Benchmark" button. Note that on weaker computers the process of testing access speeds to different DNS can take up to an hour. At the end of the benchmark, you will receive an HTM file with a report, which will contain detailed information on all tested servers with the most optimal one. Also, namebench will display the DNS currently in use and calculate the percentage increase in response rate when switching to the optimal one.

You will have to enter the received addresses yourself in the window with the network adapter settings. To do this, open the Windows Control Panel, go to "Network & Internet" - "Network & Sharing Center", select "Change adapter settings" from the list on the left, and then open the context menu of the adapter used (right-click) and click "Properties". Enter the address in the properties of the component "IP version 4 (TCP/IPv4)".

- Find the optimal DNS servers for your actual location and provider;

- The duration of the benchmark is from 20 minutes to 1 hour (depending on the performance of the PC);

- Preparation of a detailed HTM report on the benchmark produced;

- a simple interface consisting of one window;

- Accounting for all available DNS services;

- Compatible with all versions of Windows.

Jacob (unverified)
namebench seems like alot of work, especially for someone who is not computer literate. The directions are pretty simple for me to follow but I have been working with computers for 15 years or more. for someone without my knowledge the software is surely too difficult to understand.
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