by Nightingale

A free and powerfull music player

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Nightingale

Release: Nightingale 1.12.1

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Nightingale for Windows as the name implies is an application specially designed to give the best feeling of musical fun, the bird Nightingale is known as a bird that has a good, sonorous and beautiful voice, and the app shows a powerful platform for playing music, an app that is a free and open-source audio player and a web browser based on the songbird media app, in a world of different stress level of various levels of the working class, so, therefore, there is need to let off steam in multiple forms, most people tend to use music as a way to relax and have fun and also to let of steam.

There is a need to have a good music app for this, and Nightingale is a platform to bring the best of music and lyrics to the users, it is free, easy to use, open-source. It has a graphic user friendly, which is easy to operate, an app that helps create a playlist on different platforms and mood, and it helps to create a user free platform.

 Nightingale is a powerful app using Mozilla script for its libraries and also to create playlists suited for the user, so therefore, I can create a playlist for moods like happy, angry, sad, or even fun-filled. Nightingale uses little storage spaces and also does not give error messages, after installing, one is good to go in using the app, a good graphic user interface that communicates efficiently, effectively to give the maximum user satisfaction, its libraries are created in order to show the user in such a way that the user feels at home and lively to operate the app and also to be able to enjoy its flexibility.

Nightingale also shows the user a need to know instructions, as a newcomer or a new user, its instructions are well simplified and very easy to use, so also nightingale app is designed in such a way that it gives the user different background and pictures to soothe the music being played, so even its quite easy to be able to search and download lyrics and also to be able to link to different music sites that a user can download from, and this gives a very good form of enjoyment and a friendly atmosphere for the user, and this is vital

  • It is user friendly, with a good graphic user interface
  • It gives access to download from other music websites
  • Nightingale also give a sense of fun-filled atmosphere
I was looking for an open-sourced audio and web-based media player when I came across Nightingale for Windows. It's based on Mozilla XULRunner engine. It's free so I downloaded it and installed it on my PC. I can customized it by changing the skin. They are called feathers. It plays both Windows and Mac files. I can hook into Quicktime. Just the coolest feature. It's the only media player I need. So happy I found it.
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