Nokia Ovi Player

by Nokia

A software that easily helps you manage your music database

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Nokia

Release: Nokia Ovi Player 2.1.11020

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Nokia Ovi Player solves the problem that all of us incur at some point in the modern world, what to do with all of the music. Nokia Ovi Player allows you to view all of your music regardless of the music file demographic. You can now create a playlist, burn and rip CDs and edit track information from one single platform. 

This is all done automatically and in an easy-to-use software format to essentially help as a management tool. Let's say, for instance, that a DJ has been DJ'ing in the business for several decades. In those several decades, a variety of formats have incurred. Everything from spinning records, to CD's, to ripping blu-ray files, to mp3 has exposed themselves as valuable resources to the DJ. What is the DJ to do with all of their music collection? In the past, they were confined to going to multiple resources to find the music, but with Nokia Ovi Player, they can now focus and synthesize everything. With another app like Serato, they can turn their records into MP3 files so that they can add it to the Nokia Ovi Player with their MP3 files. Now the DJ is happy and is more efficient than ever!

Ovi Player is a universal player of media that is meant to be used on standard PCs. It actually comes from a long line of other Nokia music bundled products and has yet seen several big improvements since prior editions of the software. The user can now have the ability to streamline the user interface and sort through the music based on their own personal preferences. Also, it's entirely free for download, which is a huge plus for those that are budget conscious and want a cheap way to do music management. 

Automatically import already saved music files to a single platform!

  • It is compatible with common codecs such as MPEG, WMV, WAV, and MP3. 
  • There are mobile versions for smartphones, mobile devices, and tablets. 
  • Filters can be based on a variety of details, such as album titles. These can be viewed and searched in a variety of search functions.
  • Quite lightweight and very functional with features that are user-friendly that is ideal for fast and quick load times. 
  • Users can even download through the Nokia Ovi Player for quick to use capabilities for the user. 
  • This works under a variety of Windows programs, is small in size, and is available in a variety of languages provided by enterprise company Nokia. 
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