Nomen Mugen Editor

by Nobun

This program allows you to create characters for fighting games

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Nobun

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Nomen Mugen Editor for Windows is a simple image editor that allows you to edit characters used in fighting games or create your own characters to import into them.

It's so easy to get this program running on your computer because there's no set up or installation process. You can just immediately boot it up and it will allow you to start working! Once it's running you can go ahead and load images into the program by using the file menus. The program supports a wide variety of the most popular image formats allowing you to import nearly anything that you may have already designed.

Once you have items imported you can edit them in various ways. You can change the size of the assets to make them bigger or smaller. This can help make your characters look more menacing or weak in the game world. You can also change individual colors or even change the entire color palette. This allows you to create fun color schemes possibly to create a holiday edition of a certain game.

You can add additional assets to the items that you've imported or you can remove assets if you've added something that doesn't quite work. All of this can be done simply with the click of a button! The program will even let you change the background color so you can focus on details of your characters. Additionally it has zoom functionality permitting you to get the perfect level of detail on all of your creations.

Of course you can save your work so you can come back to it later if you're running out of time. But if you've finished all of your work on a character you can export it in various formats. This exporting allows you to import the character into a game so you'd be able to play as it!

Overall this is a great little software program that is quick to learn yet very powerful. It can be used alongside a number of games to enhance your enjoyment. It's definitely worth checking out!

Easily edit your own or other's creations
Sam S.
Nomen Mugen Editor is a free, open source tool for creating and editing custom 2D fighting game characters and stages. It allows users to easily create and customize their own characters and stages, using a simple and intuitive interface. The editor also supports a wide range of features and tools, including sprite and animation editing, sound effects, scripting, and more.
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