by NordPass Team

Online life and work organizer, capable of managing multiple instances of data, credentials, their syncing, and storing information, all in one place

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: NordPass Team

Release : NordPass stable

Antivirus check: passed

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Now at current times, something like NordPass would be considered a necessity more than anything, as practically a software specializing in keeping and storing all the needed (but needed hidden) information on your device is a must. Firstly, it is split into a business plan and a personal/family one, each offering lots of features that are divided by the user's primary goal. The personal one is that most people would consider taking due to the straightforwardness of the setup process and the things it primarily provides as tools in need.

So, these tools are, for example, automated information-saving that occurs instantly on filling up the info fields on any internet page, auto filing option that complements the previously mentioned info-saving technique, credential sharing across different devices (securely and safely, without a doubt), and some smaller things that might still come in handy when dealing with various password-management instances. Now as for the logging-in process and all of the accounts, it could be summarized as being fast, not at all tedious, and straight-to-the-point, being easily (though once again safely) accessible via other devices when traveling or generally not having access to stationary/home devices.


  • Affordable plans that offer solid quality for what you're paying
  • Lots of encryption methods are used to help you protect your data and credentials
  • Multi-factor authentication available 
  • Customer support for any problem or question that may pop up during the using process
  • Program is cross-platform so it can be used across any device you may need it on installed, and managed just as easily
  • Autofill, credit card management, great interface with customizability options, and some more additional stuff

Now that we've listed most of the things this software does it could be said that while maybe not doing absolutely everything that has to do with password management and all the is connected to it, NordPass definitely deserved a spot amongst the programs most often used by people in need of comfortable security, and, for a good reason!

NordPass serves as a tool to manage all of your internet presence in just a few clicks, offering many defining features that vary from storing your passwords and syncing data to organizing events and storing digital valuables


Compatible with multiple devices
Supports XChaCha20 encryption algorithm
Automatic lock feature
Supports data import/export

Securely stores all login information in one place.
Uses latest XChaCha20 encryption algorithm for data safety.
Offers synchronization across multiple devices.

Doesn't support filling in app passwords on mobile.
Requires a paid plan for secure password sharing.
Lacks multi-factor authentication for additional security.
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