Htpasswd Generator

by Aleo Software Inc

A valuable tool to create a password for Htpasswd files.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Aleo Software Inc

Antivirus check: passed

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To protect your site or a directory, you need to create ".htaccess" ".htpasswd" files that can be used on any platform. For this, Htpassword Generator is the perfect tool you can rely on. It is a trusted software that allows you to htpasswd passwords on your own server. You can also use this password for Apache HTTP or Web servers. This way, if a user wants to access a specific directory, he needs to enter the correct password to gain access. Thus, all of your files remain encrypted and secure.

Htpassword Generator has no complex prerequisites. To create a new password, all you have to do is enter a username that you want to add to your .htpasswd file and the password to be encrypted. When creating a password, you can also select different modes, such as the secure hash algorithm SHA-1, Apache-specific salted MD5, Bcrypt, or Argon2. The most common crypt methods that are used are MD5 or SHA1. The Htpassword Generator uses the MD5 algorithm, which produces a 128-bit hash value that is broken down into 16 words.


  • An authenticated tool to create strong and secure passwords for .htpasswd files.
  • It lets you select a pair of usernames and passwords separated with a colon character so no other user can access restricted directories or files.
  • A user admin tool is provided for Apache web servers to protect your web folders and files.
  • You can use different modes of password generation, including MD5 hashing and SHA1. These crypt methods work on both Linux and Windows.
  • It allows you to set file permissions so only authorized users can access a directory or web application, and all your data remains encrypted.
  • You can add or delete your previous username and password record or generate a random login series within seconds.

Using the Htpassword generator, your directories will be in safe hands, and you can easily create .htaccess and .htpasswd files. Install it on your Windows or other device to keep your database safe from hackers.

Htpassword Generator allows you to create a new password for Apache web servers so you can access specific directories or files in a secure way.
Supports major encryption like MD5, SHA1, Crypt
Compatible with Apache, NGINX, Lighttpd servers
Effortless user management: addition, deletion, modification
Provides a user-friendly graphical interface

Provides user-friendly and intuitive graphical interface.
Supports major encryption algorithms for robust security.
Compatible with multiple web servers including Apache, NGINX.

Not compatible with some older web servers.
Doesn't support all known encryption algorithms.
Could benefit from additional user management features.
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