by DSwiss AG

Universal password manager that also allows for data storage, all protected by proffesionals

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: DSwiss AG

Release : SecureSafe 2.2

Antivirus check: passed

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Now in today's world, there is practically nothing more important than (at least some level) of internet and general security. Having a backup or just some way of storing all of the passwords and data that are protected by those may be tricky, but here is where SecureSafe comes in! It serves as a great tool for having a centralized storage of all passwords, and even passwords for passwords, as well as all the folders, files, and media that are connected to them.

The application itself consists of a menu where you can visit the Password Place tab, a place where, well, all the passwords are located in a virtual safe. Coincidentally there is one more safe present in SecureSafe, that being a File one. Simply put, you can now check on all the files, emails, and what is not being synchronized in a simple way that shows you everything you need secured in one place.


  • Fast syncing process with just a click of the mouse
  • 2 separate safes with everything you might need stored safely, in safes
  • Activities and Synchronized Folders tabs to help you navigate certain parts of said collections
  • Local encryption and Automated Synchronization options
  • Cloud-based password storage system, allowing for fast access to imported files/keys with a large amount of space available
  • Basic configuration potential is provided by no other than the Settings menu
  • Multiple ways of installing the app, both as a desktop application for Mac and Windows and as a web extension, mobile app, and others, making it highly portable and usable at almost any point

To summarize that has been said - SecureSafe could just simply be a secure safe, for passwords I mean, and any other form of media related to them. The imported information is safe, don't worry about it, and overall the functions this solutions provide are great for any workspace in need of a powerful key manager, capable of also handling some other stuff needed for safe and effective work time.

SecureSafe is a Switzerland-based data and password management app that works of being highly intuitive, safe, and organized program
Operating System: Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS.
Web interface allowing access from any device with internet.
At least 50MB free storage space.
Supports strong cryptography algorithms.

Offers strong data encryption and password management
Facilitates secure file sharing with access permissions
Allows offline access and cross-platform compatibility

Limited storage space on the free plan.
No password strength report feature.
Lacks two-factor authentication method.
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