by Proggle

Novobot is an RSS feed reader for the Windows OS.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Proggle

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Novobot is an RSS feed reader that allows the user to keep up to date with their favorite websites. Novobot will take all of your favorite blogs, news, and entertainment sites and display all their updates in one place. It has quickly become one of the best RSS readers on the internet today.



Stay up to date with several RSS feeds under one hub.


  • Offline feed reading
  • HTML feed display
  • Unicode support
  • Non-scrolling channel banner
  • Locked Headlines
  • Schedule customization
  • Automatic Updates
  • Easy and simple to install
  • Free to try.


Not many people keep up with RSS feeds, but for those of us that do, we know it can be a hassle depending on how many sites we get our news and entertainment from. I personally get my news from several different websites and blogs. I think most of us can agree that we can't trust everything we see on TV and it's not bad to cross-reference your sources to know what's fact and what's fiction.


The problem with having so many different sources is that fact that they are difficult to keep up with. No one really has time to bounce back and forth from several different news sources and retain all that information. I think it can be a bit of information overload. That is where Novobot comes in. With Novobot I can have all my website feeds running and never miss an update. One of the biggest things I love about Novobot is that the RSS feeds are presented like news headlines. I think it's a very cool touch and makes the information a little easier to consume. In addition to that, I like that I can fully customize the way that I receive the information. I normally set up my sites to update me at different times during the day which saves me a lot of time. I also love the fact that Novobot allows me to continue reading from where I left off on articles. I think anyone who uses RSS feeds will love this program.

Windows OS

I love using Novobot for Windows since this program makes it easy to stay up to date with all the news. I never have to feel out of the loop when I know that I can trust Novobot to aggregate breaking headlines from the news websites and blogs that I visit the most frequently. Even better, Novobot allows me to download and save complete articles.
I like to go to site and download their rss feeds to read later. Novobot for windows does just that. It's a rss reader and so easy to use. I can download full articles and save to read for later. I can stop at any point like I am reading a book. It keeps track of all the blogs and sites I follow on the sidebar. So cool. I use this every day in the morning to get my day started.
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