Primetime Podcast Receiver

by Geekswithblogs

A platform that keeps up-to-date latest and greatest podcast feeds.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Geekswithblogs

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Primetime Podcast Receiver is a podcatching receiver software platform that helps to keep up-to-date podcast feeds without much effort from the user. The Primetime podcast receiver software works absolutely effortlessly. It comprises of multimedia player that helps to play the audio files as well as video files. This software also supports the iTunes playlist.

The Primetime podcast receiver can be scheduled as per the user's needs. Beyond the scheduling time, the primetime podcast receiver usually sleeps until the user triggers the receiver to perform its job, or else it runs as per its schedule. The Primetime podcast receiver allows the user to manage their podcast subscriptions and download all the podcasts. This platform keeps track of all the downloaded podcasts and arranged them based on their feeds. The user can easily view and select the songs from particular feeds and play them as required.

The user can also schedule an automatic scan in the Primetime podcast receiver, when the receiver scans a new podcast, it automatically downloads the podcasts. Also, the primetime podcast receiver keeps track of all the viewed songs which are not downloaded so that the user does not want to search for tons of songs to download. This primetime podcast receiver needs Microsoft .Net framework 1.1 for its performance. Also, this primetime podacast receiver is compatible with windows 10 and windows 11 OS.  This platform integrates with both windows media players as well as Apple iTunes playlists. Primetime podcast receiver supports both video podcasts and audio podcasts. This application is developed and owned by Keekswithblogs. This is free software, safe, and easy to download and install.

Provides 'Catch Up' command which allows the users to mark all the podcasts that has been viewed.

  • Automatic scans for new podcasts can be performed based on scheduling.
  • Keeps all the downloaded podcasts up-to-date arranged based on their feed
  • Supports windows media player and Apple iTunes playlist.
  • Downloads and plays both video podcasts and audio podcasts.
  • Marks all the viewed podcasts that are not downloaded.
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