Nvidia Profile Inspector

by Orbmu2k

An Nvidia profile manager made to manually adjust the graphic settings set on games

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Orbmu2k

Release : Nvidia Profile Inspector 2.4

Antivirus check: passed

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Nvidia Profile Inspector is a great piece of videogame graphics-oriented software that utilizes the functionality given by your Nvidia graphics card and extends its potential to new limits. The application itself consists of a a multifunctional window that has many tweaking options to choose from, and specialized profiles for each installed game, and many more features to check on. Now, you can generally use this program on any Nvidia-powered system to a) have quick access to all the information regarding your installed GPU and b) tweak and set up anything related to the said graphics card, so fan speed, overclock settings, in-game shaders, sharpness, antialiasing.

The installation process is fast and simple because ultimately the program itself is lightweight and doesn't possess many more features than it already needs. In the sense of customization options and all of that, the program is very similar (if not identical) to the Nvidia Control Panel, and some features of which are integrated into the software. 


Nvidia Profile Inspector is a handy external program that operates via given Nvidia graphical parameters and provide you with easy-to-use utility
  • A simple-to-navigate window with all the settings in place
  • Capable of locking and unlocking fan speed
  • Modify the game's profile settings to influence the output picture in any way that fits you the most
  • Power limit status
  • Compatibility improvements
  • Driver-based utility which allows for some more intricate configuration
  • Detailed overclocking menu with many settings to configure
  • Memory, temperature, and other information are available directly from the related tab

The main goal of the application could be summarized as providing a compiled utility to help you find certain settings that may not be available in-game (or if you want to go with some over the game's set limits) or if you want to manually set fan speed at selected speed. It is actually pretty crucial to gamers seeking some specific parameters or simply those wanting to extend their GPU capabilities. Simply put, NPI is a great choice for both and more, standing out for all the things it allows you to edit and just how easy you can do it, while also being able to look at hardware and software information.

Requires Nvidia graphics processor.
Compatible with Windows operating system.
Requires GPU monitoring capabilities.

Provides detailed information about graphics hardware and software.
Allows precise control over graphics settings for optimal performance.
Enables temperature monitoring and control for GPU longevity.

Lacks a user-friendly interface for beginners.
Risk of damaging hardware with incorrect settings.
Limited customer support for troubleshooting.
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