Windows 10 Update Assistant

by Microsoft

A Windows updating service that helps you manually update your system with proper compatibility

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Microsoft

Release : Windows 10 Update Assistant latest

Antivirus check: passed

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Windows 10 Update Assistant. We could ultimately end the description in one sentence because, well, it just does what it says! The updater checks your system, date, and all of the needed parameters, and launches step-by-step processes to update your software to the latest standards with all the new/updated features now taking place. Practically this is really what it all does, but there are actually a few specifications worthy of being put out. 

Firstly, it runs only on x64/86x processor systems, something not critically crucial in most situations as almost every Windows system is anyways built on those to begin with. Second, the program itself may come not as an installer/updater type thing but more of a compatibility patch/program, made to assist you safely and properly installing said updates with smaller risks of losing data or any other malfunction happening along the process. One more piece of information is its ultimate specialization, or its aim to put it simply, and therefore it's for more advanced users, or IT-oriented people, who may want to double-check their system readiness for the current and future updates, especially those of which it may affect their current working field/data or anything in that specter.


  • Simple and fast compatibility check process
  • Manual updates which can be turned off if not wanted
  • Some extra usefulness for those in the IT sector or in a programming workspace where data is stored in bulks and its loss should be avoided, also due to the updates taking place
  • Automated update process which can also be tricked as was mentioned
  • A simple wizard to help configure the application

Now, except for reliance over x64 processors and the removal of some incompatible pieces of system code and junk, there aren't really many mishaps or problems with this software at all. There isn't much left to say about this piece of updating software solution so we'd just say it's mildly useful to those in need of a safe update transition and leave it at that.

Windows 10 Update Assistant is, well, an assistant made to safely integrate updated/freshly added features on your device when launched, as well as bug fixed, etc.
Operating System: Windows 10
1 GB of RAM for 32-bit or 2 GB for 64-bit
Internet Connection for downloading updates
16 GB of free hard disk space

Automatically checks and installs latest updates.
Ensures the computer's compatibility before updating.
Allows scheduling of updates at convenient times.

Can occasionally force updates at inconvenient times.
Occasionally installs updates without user’s consent.
May use significant bandwidth to download updates.
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The Windoews 10 Update Assistant is a handy tool, but it can sometimes be difficult to navigate through.
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