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This software will check your computer's stability

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OCCT is a program designed to test the stability and overlock of system components. It allows not only to "accelerate" the CPU and GPU, but also to estimate the potential damage from the work of the "iron" on the selected frequencies. This is one of the best overlocking/benchmarking tools, which is also available free of charge. Please note that attempts to overclock system components can lead to immediate and future damage! So we do not recommend using overlocking tools for those who do not have practical skills in this field.

Thus, the OCCT displays information about the load, frequency, temperature and voltage of the CPU/GPU, as well as some of the power elements in real time. The program reports the current, minimum and maximum values of the sensors that have been detected since it was started. The user can change the CPU and graphics card clock frequencies at any time, and then immediately launch a benchmark that can create an artificial load on the above components. During the testing process, the temperature and voltage sensor readings must not exceed the permissible values declared by the iron manufacturer. Otherwise, reduce the frequency or upgrade the cooling/supply system.

OCCT builds graphs of load, voltage and temperature. The program allows you to export the received data to tables/text files. Graphic benchmarks are allowed to select the resolution and frame rate threshold required. To check the stability of the CPU, it is allowed to use the standard OCCT benchmark, as well as the LINPACK test, which is able to "heat up" the CPU core to its peak values.

- is used to overlock and test the stability of the CPU/GPU;

- supports multi-core processors (up to 16 cores);

- allows you to set the resolution and frame rate threshold for a graphic benchmark;

- Automatically detects the CPU model, motherboard and GPU;

- can monitor by itself and through third party programs (Speedfan, AIDA, etc.);

- plots temperature, voltage and load in real time;

- the obtained information can be presented and exported in the form of tables/text files;

- includes its own CPU benchmark as well as the renowned LINPACK test.

I needed a product to manage my overclocking. I found OCCT and its been awesome. Its super easy to use and its a quick install. It had everything that i could want in a program as well. I would recommend it to anyone.
OCCT is a cool program that's supposed to test systems for their stability and ability to overlock. It's cool for accelerating CPU and GPU, and it has a bunch of tools that are great for estimating how much damage / power your equipment has. I would recommend this program for someone (not a beginner) looking for next-level information display for their electronics.
OCCT is the best way to stress test your system. It really helps to know what happened to my system before a crash so I can figure out the proper solution. One big thing I liked about this program was how portable it is. With a simple click I can use it instantly. OCCT gives me the best protection for my computer.
I love using OCCT for Windows because it's a program that helps me keep tabs on all of the components of my computer system, so that I can ensure that they're all running at peak efficiency and optimal speed. If any part of my system is lagging, this program gives me the ability to make necessary adjustments. OCCT has allowed me to really streamline my workflow as a result.
It is most popular stability, It is used as all in one check, Here also available the stress tool also. While checking errors it release heavy loads . it can detect the stability issues very faster than other things. It uses' to monitor the errors and issues faster . It will monitor the engine to read the issues faster and safer. It is also known for the benchmarking.
Kian Abbamonte
OpenCascade Community Edition (OCCT) is an open source software development package for 3D surface and solid modeling, visualization, data exchange, and rapid application development. It provides components for CAD/CAM/CAE and AEC professionals, allowing them to develop advanced 3D applications. OCCT has been widely used in the aerospace, automotive, shipbuilding, and other industries.
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