by Sonic Scores

A program used to create, edit, and print sheet music

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Sonic Scores

Release: Overture 5.5.4

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Overature is a program music notation program that allows users multiple ways to input note data into the system to make, edit, and print sheet music. It is a program designed for those who not only want music to look good on paper, but to sound good when coming out of your computer speakers. It allows its users the ability to write and edit music via keyboard, mouse, step entry MIDI keyboard recording, or real-time MIDI keyboard recording.

The single-window interface makes the program user-friendly for music writers. Anything someone needs to access is a click away. Regardless of function, you don't have to search for an interface to make a change. You can quickly locate a tool needed and get back to writing and composing music. It is a great tool that separates this program from others that precede it.

The program has an MSRP value of $249.00 but has different price groups available for students and schools. For instance, they offer an upgrade (crossgrade) price of $129.00 for those upgrading from previous programs such as Finale, Sibelius, Notion, and Encore. Since the program is used in grades K-12 and College institutions, Overature also offers a price of $149.00 for Academic versions of the programs. It makes the program affordable to everyone that could benefit from the features provided within the program.

It includes MIDI data editing using a Piano Roll and continuous data editor.

  •  Single window interface
  •  Linear View
  • 64-Bit and VST 3 Support
  • MIDI Score editing
  • Studio Audio/ MIDI Mixer
  • Audio Samples

In conclusion, Overature is a must-have program for anyone who wants to compose music. It is designed with a composer in mind. Not only to make the interface easy to use, but to save time, and allow creation to go smoothly. With a reasonable price point for those involved and upgrades available for other previous versions of music notation programming, this one is the ultimate option for those who are looking for the best composition experience.


Lisa Michaels
Overture is a user-friendly, must have software for music composers. This music notation program features a single screen interface and offers multiple ways to input note data to create sheet music. Some other highlights include a linear view, audio samples and MIDI Score editing. Several reasonable pricing options.
Overture is a software program that allows the user to create, edit, and/or print sheet music. It is normally over 200 dollars retail, but is discounted for students to less than 200 dollars. The program uses a single window interface and even allows MIDI score editing and audio samples.
This product is easy to use and has multiple functions. It is nice to have a program that allows you to do everything you need to do in one place. Also it is important to have music not only sound great but look great too. With this program you can do that!
I was needing to write some basic scores for a video game I have been creating and a friend recommended Overture. I was currently using Ableton before but I found that it was too complicated and the learning curve was too high for me. Overture was super easy to to begin using out of the box and was fairly simple to set up
Overture is used for graphical representation which is very good for editing the graph. This is the first music nation program which is affordable in nature. It highly supports editing the page and notation using a mouse and one touch screen is enough.Most other demonstrations are done by using a mouse editing it supports both the developer and the user community so it is user friendly in nature, Also supports film and vedio maker.
It is the one of the music software for windows. Firstly it works only for Mac Os system and laterly to be release the new version for both Mac Os and windows system. It is mainly work on windows 64-bit of the system managements. It works only the some specious languages like English, Spanish, Norwegian, French and Spanish. It gives audio playback and video playback for both mixing interface for windows. It is very easy to use and also gives both of playbck music to avoid the invidiual software for audio and video playback items.
I love using Overture for Windows because it's a program that makes it so easy to create and edit my own sheet music creations. A huge range of music notations is available directly on the platform and all you need to do is drag and drop the building blocks of your tunes onto the primary screen to string notes together for music.
the software is used to create , edit the music sheet. It is the program of music notation program and it will allows the users to multiple way of inputting the music notes. It is sued for the users that have the idea to music not good only on paper , but also in the speaker also. it gives the users to write and edit the music on the keyboard, mouse and MIDI also. The sing window interface makes the userfriendly
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