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Software that combines all your cloud storage companies in one easy location!

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: OwnDrive

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Last revision: Last week

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OwnDrive is software available for FREE, or for a small purchase price if you'd like added technical support and more storage space beyond that standard 2 GB. OwnDrive is compatible with all the major online cloud storage companies and gives you access to one clean dashboard with all of your files. It is a space saver and time saver. The software is also convenient for its availability to host multiple apps, and is constantly upgrading itself at no charge to you later on down the line. No matter what operating system you have they can be used, they support; Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS. Everything is also encrypted for protection so you don't have to worry about any sneaky third parties coming in to hack all of your important data. That makes the company super credible since it stands by its word. There's also NO limit on how many devices you can sync up to this software so it's perfect for school, home, the office, or even the new home office that Covid has made recently!


  • Offers free 2 B storage, and paid options of up to 50,000 GB storage for less than $10. 
  • There is no sharing of your personal info with 3rd parties or government organizations. 
  • Supports apps like: calendar, contacts, bookmarks, tasks, and notes. 
  • Supports platforms like Google Drive, DropBox, Open Stack, and Amazon Web Services.
  • There are team and admin packages available for small or large personal or professional projects and needs. 


Keeps all of your important files in one place.

Overall OwnDrive is a nice product that is problem-free, hassle-free, and keeps you very organized without much effort on your part at all. There's no money obligation and no credit card required for the free service of 2 GB storage, unending upgrades, and customer support. It's a win-win all the way around if you need to be kept organized without fifty tabs open on multiple devices using multiple apps and cloud storage platforms. 

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