Panda Dome Complete

by Panda Security

An advanced all-in-one security suite

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Panda Security

Release : Panda Dome Complete 19.00.02

Antivirus check: passed

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Panda Dome Complete for Windows is the newest security suite made by Panda. Previously, the Panda company offered Panda Free Antivirus, as well as the purchasable Panda Dome Essential and Panda Dome Advanced. Now, Panda Dome Complete takes all the elements of the former programs and adds an advanced password manager that has encryption. With this, you receive antivirus, firewall protection, parental controls, a cleanup tool, a "one-trick anti-theft system," and the previously mentioned password protection manager.

Panda Dome Complete does offer a smooth looking interface, in addition to ransomware protection, and firewall, VPN, USB vaccination. The program is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Android, which is nice. However, there are quite a few negative aspects of Panda Dome Complete for Windows.

First, the price. A single license for the program costs an obscene $106.99. Most other security suites stay around $75, depending on what they offer. And as this product is for Windows, purchasing it for macOS and Android has its disadvantages. For the same cost of $106.99, macOS and Android users do not really get Panda Dome Complete but instead receive Panda Dome Essentials, the companies previous security suite that can be bought for a much lower cost. For multiple licenses of Panda Dome Complete, the prices continue to rise. For ten devices, you can buy the security suite for $178.99. And to install it on all of your devices (over ten), it is $202.99 PER YEAR. To give you perspective, McAfee Total Protection is less than half that cost for a year-long subscription.

The second negative aspect of Panda Dome Complete is, despite stating it is a "complete" security system, it does very little for protecting users against threatening, and counterfeit websites, which is a major concern for many people online as that is often were viruses are picked up. Third, the anti-theft included in Panda Dome Complete apparently did not work in a few of the tests ran by reviewers. This is clearly problematic since it doesn't do what it says it should do. In tests run by reviews of the program, they found that the system was okay with the malware protection test, but failed in the malicious URL blocking test, as it let 65% of the malware through. In a test of its abilities against phishing, Panda Dome Complete also failed, as it proved a dismal 46% protection rate.

And lastly, the big selling point of this program is the password manager with encryption. However, many users find that element of the program to be intelligent and archaic. Most reviews of Panda Dome Complete say the same thing. You can get other quality security suites for a much lower cost, or you could buy the much cheaper Panda Dome Essentials or Advanced, and get your own password manager with encryption somewhere else. 

Supports Windows, macOS, and Android and offers password encryption

  • Cool appearance
  • Works with Windows, macOS, and Android
  • Firewall protection
  • VPN and USB vaccinations
  • Ransomware protection
Compatible with Windows, macOS, Android
Requires internet for software updates, VPN
Minimum 500MB free disk space
Supports 32/64-bit versions of Windows

Offers premium features including password manager and file encryption.
Excellent malware detection and removal capabilities.
User-friendly interface with adjustable security levels.

Higher price compared to other antivirus software.
Some features can be complex to navigate.
Occasional false positives during virus detection.
image/svg+xmlBotttsPablo Stanley Körner Archie
If you're looking for a complete and comprehensive security program, then check out Panda Dome Complete, which focuses specifically on antivirus protection. Not only does this tool provide you with a firewall to keep out hackers, but it also enables you to search the web safely and gives you a VPN so that you can be sure that any connection you make is secure.
image/svg+xmlBotttsPablo Stanley Körner Ethan U******v
Panda Dome Complete is an all-in-one security and performance solution for your PC. It provides real-time antivirus protection, scans for malware, blocks malicious websites, optimizes your computer's performance and speeds up your internet connection. It also includes an online backup service, a secure browser, and a virtual private network (VPN) to protect your privacy and keep your data safe.
image/svg+xmlBotttsPablo Stanley Körner Joshua F*********h
Panda Dome Complete is a comprehensive security suite that covers a variety of features. It features antivirus, firewall, and anti-spam protection. Its user interface is easy to use and intuitive. It also provides real-time protection and automatic updates. The parental control feature is especially useful. It allows you to monitor and block websites and applications on different devices. The VPN feature is also great for privacy and security. It allows you to browse the internet safely and anonymously. It also has additional features such as a password manager, performance optimizer, and file shredder. Overall, it provides a great set of security features.
image/svg+xmlBotttsPablo Stanley Körner Ben V.
Panda Dome Complete provides comprehensive protection for Windows, Mac and Android. It has an easy-to-use interface and the scan speeds are fast. The ransomware and malware protection is reliable, and the parental control feature is a great addition. The price is also very competitive.
image/svg+xmlBotttsPablo Stanley Körner Dylan C.
This software provides complete protection against all kinds of threats, including viruses and malware. It offers advanced features like parental controls, a firewall, and a password manager. Additionally, it includes tools for optimizing system performance and protecting online privacy. The software is easy to use and offers real-time updates to ensure the highest level of security.
image/svg+xmlBotttsPablo Stanley Körner Finn F********y
Panda Dome Complete software provides comprehensive security features for protecting your devices against various cyber threats.
image/svg+xmlBotttsPablo Stanley Körner Theo
Efficient, user-friendly, comprehensive protection suite.
image/svg+xmlBotttsPablo Stanley Körner Theo
Reliable, comprehensive internet security.
Panda Dome Complete is a fantastic all-in-one security solution.
This multifunctional software offers antivirus protection, a firewall, parental controls, a cleaning tool, and even an anti-theft system. On top of that, a small cherry 🍒 on this computer security cake: an advanced password manager with encryption. Compatible with Windows, macOS, and Android, it is a tool that plays the card of universality. Its interface is really smooth and pleasant to the eye 👁️. However, protection against threatening and counterfeit websites is a bit lacking, so it is a point to watch out for.
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Keeps you safe from computer viruses and unneccessary software
A rootkit utility for scanning and removal
Panda Dome Essential
An easy-to-use antivirus application that provides firewalls, VPN browsing, and protection from Wifi Hackers
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