Pandora Recovery

by 508 Software LLC

A file recovery platform for finding lost data

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: 508 Software LLC

Release: Pandora Recovery 4.0.487

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Pandora for windows is a great tool for recovering lost files and any sort of data that might have been deleted by accident or deleted, and then you might have changed your mind.

The software can be used not only for internal hard drives but for external hard drives as well also sd cards, and USB sticks can all be recovered. 

The best thing about this software is that it is free. 

With any file type and format being able to be recovered, this software is handy. For example, if you had a hard drive that was backed up from a mac laptop and that laptop completely broke you might want to plug that hard drive into a windows os computer, but because that hard drive has been formatted to a mac the information

may seem not to be actually there and saved, now with the pandora recovery, those files would be viewable, and you could rest easy knowing that your files are saved.

Another example as to where this software would be useful is when file names change, this can be done accidentally or intentionally especially when you have many files that have very similar 


The user interface of this software is extremely user friendly, unlike some other similar applications that you may come across, which when you try to use them, you would need to be a complete computer expert to use. This software is perfect for any type of computer user beginner to expert.

For those working in a media type of industry handling data such as video content and photographs, that data can hold more value than the devices they are working on, if any part of this data is lost it could mean the loss of major amounts of money not only that but major contracts and clients could be lost, having this software would give them the peace of mind that if any data is lost it could be recovered quickly and easily.

From employees to private users, anyone can use this software for free.

The Pandora software is a must for anyone in these days that we live in, where the importance of data is just as important as physical things.

allows recovery of lost data

  • Extremely fast scan and recover of any file formats 
  • Using top of the line algorithms accuracy is greatly improved 
  • any drive recovered:
  • NTFS
  • NTFS5, EFS
  • FAT
  • FAT16
  • FAT32
  • FAT64
  • ExFAT
  • EXT4
If you've ever accidentally deleted a Word file and wanted to recover it, then you know how much you need a recovery tool like Pandora Recovery for Windows. This program helps restore any file that you might have accidentally wiped. The caveat is that it only works for NTFS. Regardless of the file type, you can make sure that your files are safe.
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