Password Boss

by Password Boss

Windows app that allows access to all saved passwords and notes

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Password Boss

Release: Password Boss 3.1.3562.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Password Boss is a secure online program that saves all of your passwords for you. It has bank-grade security so that no one can hack into and steal your passwords. It also takes further security measures and uses a two-step layer identification process to ensure that the passwords do not get into the wrong hands. The program also ensures the user is using a secure browser and it's technology makes sure your financial transactions stay private. In addition to all of that, it features a remote swipe that allows the user to quickly delete data if a device has been stolen so that no one else can access the passwords. 

In addition to being super secure, Password Boss makes passwords super accessible. Users can sync their accounts to all devices so that they have easy access to private information and passwords. It eliminates the need to write down passwords or only use one device that has the password saved. Besides, Password Boss allows users to share access with other trusted individuals. If you need to share your credit card information with a loved one or send a password-protected project to a coworker, Password Boss allows you to do all of that without having to share the details in person or on a less secure database such as email. It also has an expiration date that allows the user to pick when the information is no longer available to others. 

Using Password Boss makes life easier. Shopping online is a lot easier because Password Boss allows you to checkout with your saved information in one autofill click. In a world that is as faced paced as ours, Password Boss makes it simpler. 

In emergency situations, Password Boss also allows users to have designated account access so that someone else can access the account. It still allows the user to have full control over the account but just gives someone else a designated account in case they need to access it.

Password Boss is super easy to use and to download. You can download it right off of there website, and it is compatible with Windows 7 or later. 

Security for passwords

  • Bank-Grade Security 
  • Access passwords from anywhere 
  • Emergency access gives peace of mind.
  • In addition to bank-grade security, the Password Boss has a two-step authentification. 
  • Allows users to share information with trusted family members
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