by Anvsoft

Convert PDF files, to any required format

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Anvsoft

Release: PDFMate 1.8.8

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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While there are many PDF file conversion choices available, few will convert your PDF files to every format you could ever need. PDFMATE will convert your  PDF files to SWR, IMG, DOC, TXT, EPUB, or HTML. 

With PDFMATE, your sensitive documents can remain secure. PDF files can be made password protected, allowing the user to be sure that only those who are authorized will have access to the protected documents. Encryption support grants an additional layer of security for users who cannot accept that their documents be less than absolutely secure. 


It will convert PDF files to any required format.

Editing PDF files in every way imaginable is possible with PDFMATE. Files can be merged, split into multiple files, cropped, resized, and allows the layout to be customized.


Scanned PDF files in the past, have been limited by the quality of the actual image. Editing these documents have been impossible as the document is an image only and not a document. PDFMATE can actually read scanned images of hard copies. Using OCR technology, PDFMATE can convert images of documents to an actual digital copy. Allows these documents to be edited and updated. 


PDFMATE is not just a PDF file converter, not only PDF file editing software, not just a tool to secure your digital copies of sensitive documents. It is not just a cutting-edge OCR tech application that can read a scanned document, and convert hard copies to digital documents. PDFMATE is all of these things and more. PDFMATE is a master toolset for virtually any digital document need. Most importantly, it will clear up valuable storage space while it replaces a dozen different applications you might use to do the same job and more. 

Rebecca Johnson
As a student, I find different professors have different requirements for file formats. When you aren't exactly tech savvy, it gets challenging. The fact that this product not only converts files into PDF formats, but other formats as well is a godsend to college students! I am sure many others as well, but for me, this is amazing!
Elle Jay
This is a basic idea, but a good and necessary one. The program allows you to convert PDF files into any format. This can be very useful if you need your PDF turned into an IMG or HTML file! Sounds like it could be very useful.
The softradar PDFMate for Windows is the top of line pdf converter on the market. This converter converts every type of file you would want form PDF files to SWR, IMG, DOC, and TXT to name a few.
PDFMate for Windows is an excellent way to convert PDF files efficiently and effectively. It allows for an easy conversation of PDF files, while it also functions a merger and splitter. My favorite feature is that you are able to add a password to the PDF files. Ultimately, it seems like it would be great for anyone and it would make for something great to download.
Ewan Manzanares
This software saved me while I was in school. I was easily able to convert PDF files and merge files together without having to copy and paste and all these others hoops you have to hop through like other applications. The cost is a fraction compared to other softwares and works 10x better.
PDFMate in my opinion is essential to all those who create a lot of documents whether at work or at home. It allows you to seamlessly convert PDF files into an extremely wide range of files types such as EPUBs, HTML and even SWF which is hard to find. You can even turn the PDFs into editable documents and the customization options are impressive.
Whether you're a hobbyist, artist, commercial professional, or techie, good images constitute bread and butter for you. PDF Mate for Windows was created by the well-regarded industry staple, AnvSoft. It can ensure all your technical, commercial, or artistic image endeavors end in success. The PDF Mate is a bundle of half a dozen applications in one. The layout is simple. Conversion utility is wizard-based. This potent office tool will allow you to join, combine, encrypt, or merge your PDFs. And that’s really the tip of the iceberg. You can delete, split, divide and do a lot more with all of your PDF files, using this free bundle. Download it gratis, on the web. No subscription required.
PDFMate for Windows is a fantastic product for anyone wanted to convert their PDFs to another form. PDFMate can convert PDFs to text, docs, HTML and many others. It even let me password protect my PDFs which came in very handy. The software was easy to download and use. I surprising thing this product can also do is take JPEGs and turn them into PDFS! I highly recommend this product for anyone!
PDFMate is a really handy tool to have since it enables me to pull together several PDF files at once, and it's never made an error. All I need to do is set a range of pages that I want to combine and PDFMate handles the rest in mere seconds. It can even handle 2 in 1 arrangements or even 4 in 1.
The question that many of you ask is surely, is there a free tool to merge PDF files together. Well, the answer is yes. And it is free. It is called PDFMate. It is a tool that you can use to merge, split and convert PDF files to and from various formats. It's really worth it!
PDFMate is a windows software which performs various actions in the windows, some of the functions the PDFMate performs include: converting of documents from one form to another, editing of texts and other forms of documents in the windows. PDFMate is actually a free and comprehensive tool which can be used in a windows. The tool can be used in various windows such as windows 7 and even windows 10. The software does not require any form form training to use since it is easy to use.
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