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Convert scanned images into text you can edit

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: ScanStore

Release: SimpleOCR 3.1

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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SimpleOCR utilizes Optical Character Recognition technology to convert your paper documents into electronic text that you can review and edit on Word or other applications.


  • Boasts a huge dictionary of over 120,000 words and a text editor that allows you to add new words with ease. The software recognizes text in multiple languages and over many formats  
  • Uses a despeckle option to reduce noise and increase overall accuracy. Also uses a text editor to highlight errors so that it is not necessary to spend time on tedious proofreading and correction of the documents. 
  • Has the ability to format multiple documents in batches, or to format a specific zone in the document that you want to highlight.
  • Can perform plain text extraction where it recognizes characters and words, but ignores the formatting so that you can make the document your own.
  • Has superior image retention which reduces the need to import your photos by another, more time-consuming means.
  • Format retention to capture things like font types and sizes, italics and underlining to give your document a high degree of accuracy.
  • The software is free of charge for all non-commercial uses

Simple OCR is reliable, accurate, and easy to use software that uses Optical Character Recognition to transform your paper documents into editable electronic text that you can use without hassle. With a 99 percent degree of accuracy and many custom features to format a wide variety of your documents, it is a valuable and time-saving tool that is a must-have. 

This software has a 99 percent degree of accuracy.

SimpleOCR works on any version of Windows 95 through 10 and more. The software works with most scanners, which renders it readily available and cost effective for immediate use! 

SimpleOCR 3.1 (9.29 MB)
SimpleOCR 3.5 (0.56 MB)
Emily Morris
Simple OCR seems like useful software: it turns a scanned image into editable text. It says it's very accurate and customizable, works with the scanner you probably already have, and on top of that, it's free. I can see using this software for signing, scanning, and filling out school and medical forms, and then being able to email them.
Simple OCR seems like a high quality product that is free for individual users who want to turn paper documents into text documents. It appears to be an advanced text scanning software that can distinguish formatting, language and errors, as well as distinguish and remove any blemishes that may have been created during the scanning process.
The site leaves some confusion as to what the actual product/software is. It seems to require a decent knowledge of technology before using it. Unclear on how items are to be scanned into a computer, most software like this requires a scanner or phone of some sort. Also hard to see how data will be stored once scanned into your computer or their software, and how easy or hard it will be to retrieve said data
Connor Bayne
My first impression is that it looks professional. I like how the moment you get onto the website there is a little red box that pops up, great for catching attention. Great software and use of logo
I find the SimpleOCR for Windows software useful in my working operations as it provides an accurate text read whenever I have multiple layouts, non-standard fonts, and poor quality or color images. Besides, the software has greatly proven useful in avoiding retyping my documents whenever I document the in-purchase records. I would profoundly recommend the software to any corporate user in the field.
SimpleOCR has been very helpful, especially when it comes to my office job or other, more casual matters. It saves a bunch of time and keeps me away from the trouble of retyping documents, as it made converting paperwork into the digital format much faster and easier. It always gives it an accurate read, including the images or other non-standard features, even though the documents can be in less than perfect condition. It helps that this software is free of charge, so in my opinion, everyone should give it a try.
SimpleOCR is exactly that, simple to use and user friendly. Very easy to convert scanned documents into easy to manage, secure digital formats. This software is 100% free and helps to avoid unnecessary typing. All I needed was a scanner! One setback is for documents with individual columns but further programs are provided on further inspection. Overall I got on very well with SimpleOCR and it was very straightforward to use.
SimpleOCR is an entry-level optical character recognition program for windows. Its useful for people who want to scan documents without having to go through the trouble of retyping every word. The software serves the function of going through a scanned document and giving you the full text to save you time. Being that this version is freeware, the creators offer a paid version for more difficult to read or poorly scanned images.
If you are looking for an inexpensive and easy way to share your documents I recommend this product. OCR is simple just like its name. I have never had such a pain free and easier way to scan and share all my documents, invoices and other files needed. I can get things done 5x quicker than my old scanner. I give this product 5 stars for user-friendly ability and low cost.
Used worldwide, SimpleOCR for Windows is an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) freeware program that is geared toward use in business offices. It offers powerful batch scanning, data capture feature and a strong OCR server with an easy-to-use interface. If you have a scanner and do not wish to retype your documents, use SimpleOCR instead! While SimpleOCR is ideal for a wide variety of documents, it is not ideal for documents with multi-column layouts, poor-quality images, tables and nonstandard fonts.
SimpleOCR for Windows is a software which demonstrates it's capabilities to allow developers to add royal free OCR, to customize software applications. This software is very useful for those who seek to convert several pages to text.
SimpleOCR is a very great tool to quickly retype documents without any issue. In my experience with SimpleOCR I was able to complete tasks in my job that would normally be difficult. The software even comes with different kinds of fonts so if you need a specific font for an assignment this will definitely come in handy! Also, SimpleOCR is Freeware so there is no need to worry about the cost!
Typing text onto a document is never fun when you have to read what you are copying as you type it. This software has been a great time-saver and increased my productivity and work output drastically. Instead of having to copy each word, and each sentence, i just let this program do its job and it reads and recognizes the letters and symbols being used in the given text document where you can then move it onto anywhere you like to have the exact copy! It also sometimes helps read handwriting I would otherwise not be able to read
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