Pelles C

by Christian Heffner

A compiler and development kit for the C language

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Christian Heffner

Release: Pelles C 9.00

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.9746

Pelles C is a tool kit for development in the C language. It comes completely integrated with a large number of different programs in order to make compiling new C programs as easy and simple as possible.

One of the best features of Pelles C is that it comes with its own resource compiler! That allows you to very easily tie in necessary resources to any program that you're developing so the end user will only have to download one file instead of multiple files. This can be very helpful if you're sharing over a slower internet connection or have limited computer space.

Pelles C compiler also features a debugger so you will be able to easily go through your code to try to find exactly what is causing any errors. If you're having additional challenges finding that specific code that's causing the problem Pelles C comes with a hex dump editor so you will be able to view the exact output when that problem is encountered.

Once you've found the culprit you can easily edit the source code in Pelles C's included source code editor! The source code editor is clean and easy to use. No matter your skill level of C programming it will make you feel like a master!

Additionally, it comes with resource editors for dialogs, menus, images, cursors, and animated cursors among many other things. Using this to your full advantage will allow you to create highly customizable programs which people will be able to immediately recognize and tie back to your brand! This is great for marketing purposes.

Pelles C requires a Windows computer running Windows Vista or later. Additionally, there is a version for the Pocket PC. It is a completely free program allowing you to have its full functionality upon installing without having to pay anything at all! Pelles C is certainly a worthy program for anyone who has any interest in the C programming language to check out!

Pelles C integrates a large number of different programs and features together.

Mary Leep (unverified)
Pelles C is a handy tool for any developer of the C language. Its easy-to-use, streamlined interface allows the user to quickly and effortlessly compile their programs in a simplified way for the end user. Its numerous features allow creators to focus on the end result of their work, not the struggle to get there.
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