Revit Architecture

by Autodesk

A documentation and design program for building professionals.

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Publisher: Autodesk

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Revit Architecture is a program specifically designed to help building professionals streamline their current architectural projects and complete them in shorter lengths of time. It is one of the most effective programs that gives aspiring architects real-world experience with lower risk with other programs.


  • Physical Materials Analysis
  • Autodesk 360 Integration
  • Worksharing
  • Construction Modeling
  • Bidirectional Associativity

Revit Architecture is one of the most innovative architecture programs on the market today. Not to be confused with programs like AUTO CAD, Revit Architecture is on a whole other level when it comes to efficiency. Revit Architecture really allows users to take their work to better heights. Anyone who knows how to use the program can start completely from scratch or integrate a project from Autodesk. Speaking of projects, Revit Architecture is proven to substantially speed up the completion process of any building project. This is done by the incredibly handy analysis tool that can take the structure you've built and calculate things like building materials and structural integrity. If anything seems flawed in your design, the program will point it out to you so you can make the much-needed changes immediately.

The biggest issue with most architect programs is the steep learning curve. The learning curve is so high that I would highly recommend you invest in Revit Architecture courses. If you don't you'll find yourself stumbling around with the interface and simply not knowing what to do next. I think the interface is relatively user-friendly but if you don't know what you are looking for it doesn't matter. In terms of tutorials, I wouldn't bother with the program's integrated tutorial. It will just leave you more confused that you would be fumbling around by yourself. The program can be a bit costly as well since it isn't a one time purchase.

Revit Architecture offers numerous tools to increase project productivity.
Revit is a multidiscipline platform designed to be accessible to professionals involved with all stages of your construction project, including architects, engineers, and contractors. Revit is a useful tool for all stages of your design project, from the initial conceptualization and design through to visualization of the completed project. Revit also provides tools for the user to track and measure the business aspect of your project, including cost estimates and ongoing evaluation of the building's performance.
Revit is a 3D construction program similar to other programs like autoCAD. It's primarily used for architecture whereas others are more general 3D applications. This program is typically used for visualization and implementation of buildings and structures, and is likely employed by professional architects.
Transfer and Optimize 3D Architecture Models in Real-Time 3D. Maintain a Live Connection to Your Original Design Models from Any Device. Build Custom Applications. Create AR/VR Experiences. Interactive 3D Renderings. Use Any Platform Anywhere. Real-Time BIM in AEC.
This product was really helpful for designing my portfolio when I was trying to show prospective employers the work I can do. I really liked the ability to make 3D renderings so that my designs felt more realistic than just an image on a computer screen. Plus, this software is easy to navigate and comes with a lot of information and helpful tips on how to use it. I would definitely use this again. Great tool.
I love using Revit. Everything from the Autodesk collection is amazing though in my opinion. This is great for anyone who is pursuing a career in architecture and design. It has been a big help throughout my career. On top of that, the software allows you to pretty much do whatever you want and maintain control of the designs. Simple to use and a lot to learn in it!
This computer program could be a go-to for anyone who works in the structural plan. You'll arrange over multidisciplinary groups and collaborate on thoughts. You're able to upgrade modifications in a 3D see and see how the building will look before development begins. Revit contains numerous apparatuses to assist you to plan the idealized item and could be a must for any planner. Interface within the cloud to encourage progress of your plans with colleagues. It lets you work on all viewpoints of the building at the same time, making it exceptionally adaptable. It is simple to purport and trade with other programs. It is user-friendly and exceptionally effective at what it executes. The reality you're able to communicate with others on the same project spares a part of time. It is exceedingly customizable and the fundamental capacities are simple to memorize for any level client. You'll be able disregard dull learning curves. A effective 3D editor that you just truly require for your planner firm. Revit does well at streamlining the plan
Revit is part of autocad and the free trial is worth trying out. The best thing about Revit is the community support and the multitude of good tutorials both on their official website, and other places like youtube. I highly recommend making use of the free period to see whether it's for you or not. There is a bit of a learning curve. Shouldn't stop anyone who's determined.
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