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Operating system: Windows

Publisher: CSoft

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PlanTracer is an application designed to solve various graphical tasks faced by real estate inventory organizations. With the use of PlanTracer it is possible to almost fully automate the work closely connected with cadastral activity, as well as with the execution of the graphic part for technical inventory. It can be used to prepare all types of technical plans that need to be submitted to the cadastral authorities in electronic and printed form, based on the graphics already made. Built-in graphic editor allows you to create both floor plans and plans of linearly stretched objects, editing and vectorization of scanned images.

This application will help to maintain a register of cadastral works, equipment, customer data, cadastral accounting objects, as well as other data that are needed to release technical plans. With the help of the register it is possible to control the processes of release of new technical documentation, terms of execution and other similar functions of the cadastral engineer. The program also includes documentation template libraries and various tools to make it more useful. With the help of templates it is possible to create a floor plan of any structure or room, as well as a coordinated complete plan of the building. All of these features help to reduce the time you need to spend on cadastral work.

- a huge number of templates and useful tools;

- the appendix can be used to do the graphical part of the work for the technical inventory;

- Time saving due to the ability to automate the program;

- assistance in maintaining a register of cadastral records;

- simple and convenient user interface.

PlanTracer for Windows is a software program made by the company CSoft. It is an easy-to-use, facility management software. Floor plans are the foundation of the program. These floor plans can be converted to a digital image and then used to locate the inventory of any business. There are three different floor plan modes available for use: Parametric, Library and Contour.
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