by Жерелий Евгений

Calculator for plotter used for windows there

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Жерелий Евгений

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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PlotCalc is a program that extends the functionality of CorelDraw application for working with plotter. After installing PlotCalc in CorelDraw, there is an additional toolbar that allows you to work with cutting layouts. With PlotCalc you can quickly select film waste, save raw materials by placing graphic elements on the film more compactly and calculate the total length of the curves to calculate the cost of cutting. There are also functions for preparing the project for cutting (transformation of shapes into curves, removal of fillings, etc.) and optimizing the cutting sequence. PlotCalc allows you to create a layout scheme on an A4 sheet. The user can specify the cutting angle to the program, set the priority of vertical or horizontal movement of the plotter knife, use the test mode, etc.

I can see how this program could benefit those in architecture, or people working with cutting machines. The additional features that it brings to CorelDraw could help cut down on time and allow a project to be completed more quickly.
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