by PrivadoVPN

An ultra-fast, zero-log VPN offering secure, anonymous browsing with global server access.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: PrivadoVPN

Release : PrivadoVPN

Antivirus check: passed

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PrivadoVPN is a free, no-log VPN software. It offers ultra-fast speeds, P2P, and access to hundreds of servers distributed across 47 countries and 60 cities. This software enables you to surf the Internet securely and anonymously with just one click. With a Premium account, you can protect up to 10 devices simultaneously. PrivadoVPN provides user-friendly applications for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android, which can be easily downloaded and installed. Also, for Linux users or those who prefer a manual setup, access to PrivadoVPN's ultra-fast servers is also available.

PrivadoVPN allows for secure, anonymous, and unrestricted Internet browsing with one-click access.
  • 256-bit AES encryption security, the most powerful encryption protocol in the world.
  • Access to hundreds of servers distributed across 47 countries and 60 cities.
  • Secure and anonymous Internet browsing with one click.
  • Access to regionally blocked content by changing servers.
  • Protect up to 10 devices with a single Premium account.

When you connect to the PrivadoVPN network, you are protected by 256-bit AES encryption security, which is the strongest encryption protocol in the world. All your incoming and outgoing data is sent through an encrypted tunnel, preventing third parties from intercepting your private data. In addition, PrivadoVPN allows you to safely access content normally blocked in your region by enabling you to switch servers and effectively mask your IP address and, consequently, your physical location. Thus, with PrivadoVPN, you can enjoy unrestricted and secure Internet browsing.

Operating system: Windows, macOS, iOS, Android or Linux
Internet connection for VPN service
Space for software installation

Powerful 256-bit AES encryption ensures maximum security.
Access to servers across 47 countries for versatile browsing.
Allows secure and anonymous browsing with a single click.

No free version available, only a paid Premium account.
Inconsistent speed performance across different servers.
No 24/7 customer service available.
VPN Proxy Master
An encryption tool for secure internet browsing, data protection and access to restricted content
A great VPN made with many features
The comprehensive monitoring software used to track the activities of a user