by rohoWare

A handy medical software package, providing all the right tools for managing health care services

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: rohoWare

Release : ProMedic 1

Antivirus check: passed

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ProMedic is a handy piece of software for anyone looking for quality medical-based programs, capable of satisfying both the user and its subsequent patient. The tools the program provides are quite enough for all the basic operations around the diagnosis, scans, accounting, management, and others. ProMedic brings them all together to one place for you to edit and, in turn, utilize the gathered information for long-term use in treatment.

The software can even be considered a classic among those, having all the early tools for creating and editing the collected data, as well as importing and exporting the existing one. It, however, doesn't necessarily mean the program is focused on only these things, as it also gives access to options and some basic configuration adjustments. All of this makes ProMedic a great option for simple and easy-to-navigate software it tries to be.


  • Comfy, simple, and comprehensible design and interface, still able to perform its purposes just fine
  • Scheduling programs and systems, appointments and events, all contributing to the general order around the workspace and readiness around the block  
  • Many info fields about the patient, allow for detailed prescriptions, making for faster and more likely health solution
  • Several languages to choose from, also turning the program into an international software choice
  • Creation of recipes and their straightforward management
  • Herb control tools, allowing for a tight grip over possible patient herb consumption
  • Built-in search browser, fastening the information retrieval even more easy 

As one of its possible downsides the software isn't being updated, nor fit for newer operating systems. It also can come as a bit old, both morally and in the form of its design stylization. It doesn't stop it from still showing up as a great toolset for all medics around the globe, yet, of course, it has its advantages and disadvantages. It doesn't do everything centered around medicine, yet what it promises it does, it fills out just right, so we suggest you give it a try!

ProMedic is a pretty comprehensible, yet quite powerful software choice, with many features to help the health care oriented sector
1. Operating system: Windows, macOS, or Linux
2. Stable internet connection for digital platform access
3. Compliance with strictest security standards

Simplifies administrative and clinical tasks for healthcare professionals.
Allows for flexible, anytime-anywhere access to the digital platform.
Complies with strict security standards for patient data protection.

Initial setup can be complex and time-consuming.
Occasional glitches in appointment scheduling feature.
Could benefit from more frequent updates.
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