by New House Internet Services B.

PTGui is a leading editing software for stitching 360/panoramic photos, compatible with Windows and Mac OS

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: New House Internet Services B.

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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PTGui is a program for creating panoramic images from several photos. With its help it is very easy to make panoramas of all kinds, from simple, glued from 2 frames of pictures, to interactive spherical gigapixel panoramas. The highest quality panoramas are achieved when shooting from a tripod with a special panoramic head. But, to get a good result, you can even take a series of photos for a panorama from the hands, just turning the camera around its axis and taking pictures. PTGui is able to automatically align images and achieve seamless gluing of the finished image. All you have to do is to make sure that the edge of each next photo slightly overlaps with the edge of the previous one when you take the picture. But even here small mistakes are not terrible in the program except for the automatic mode of gluing panorama is also a manual mode, in which you can visually add all the photos of the future panorama as puzzles, and manually select the gluing points. Built-in PTGui tools will help you do this without any problems.

The application consists of two windows. The main window - Project Assistant - is used for working with files, basic settings of the future panorama, HDR settings in the Pro-version, setting up the gluing points in the manual mode, working with masks, saving and so on. The second window is Panorama Editor, where you can visually edit the panorama, shift the viewpoint, change the perspective, align the horizon, crop and change the projection, for example, a cylindrical panorama or a spherical one, and even have a Mercator projection. One more pleasant feature of the program is that it automatically finds shooting parameters and focal length in the EXIF-record in the file and, relying on this data, automatically corrects the perspective. The work of PTGui is not complicated and it is quite possible to sort it out by yourself in a couple of hours.

The program is presented in two variants - the usual version and the Pro-version. The main differences between the Pro-version and the usual one:

working with masks;

advanced project settings, such as creating templates with frequently used settings, configuring default file names, and so on;

the ability to merge files with different exposures (Exposure Fusion);

controls exposure and white balance;

Vignetting correction;

correction of parallax, perspectives and correction of the survey point;

merger priority (used in spherical panoramas at the bottommost point - nadir);

working with OpenEXR (.exr) and HDR Radiance (.hdr) formats;

built-in Tone Mapping compressor;

Calculating a curve from a variety of photos with different exposures to create an HDR;

Create panoramas with a high dynamic range - HDR;

script support for automation.

- creation of spherical, cylindrical or flat panoramas from any number of source images;

- Fully automated: create a multiple/single row or fully spherical panorama with just a few clicks of the mouse;

- Live preview: you can see what your final panoramic image will look like right away;

- Panorama editor for visual and dialog editing;

- PTGui can create huge panoramas! Bonding 200 images into one is no longer a problem;

- full support for 16-bit mode;

- Layer output: PTGui can create files ready for Photoshop;

- reads EXIF information from images taken by digital cameras, determination of lens parameters.

PTGui gives me the ability to create cool full sized panoramas no matter where I am at. I really liked how you can use PTGui on any software like windows, mac, and linus. The software is also really fast as it only takes about 25 seconds to make the panorama on the latest hardware. What I enjoyed the most was how flexible PTGui was as it allowed you to control what you wanted the panorama to look like.
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