PTO Calculator

by MobileAnarchy

PTO Calculator is a simple, easy-to-use software program designed to help calculate and manage paid time off.

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Publisher: MobileAnarchy

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PTO Calculator Software


PTO Calculator Software is a comprehensive, user-friendly tool that allows small businesses, organizations, and individuals to easily calculate and track their paid time off (PTO). This software offers a comprehensive set of features to help users accurately calculate their PTO, as well as store and manage their PTO records.

The PTO Calculator provides accurate calculations of employee paid time off, helping to ensure compliance with labor laws.

1. Accurate and Easy to Use Calculation Algorithm: PTO Calculator Software includes a powerful and accurate calculation algorithm that allows users to quickly and accurately calculate their PTO. Users can enter their current hours worked, their desired number of PTO days, and their desired PTO rate to accurately calculate their PTO.

2. Comprehensive Records Storage and Management: This software allows users to store and manage their PTO records. Users can easily view, add, edit, and delete their PTO records with a few clicks.

3. Easy to Read Reports: PTO Calculator Software includes a variety of easy to read reports that allow users to quickly view their PTO balance and their PTO history.

4. Customizable Settings: This software allows users to customize a variety of settings, including the PTO rate, the number of PTO days per year, and the default start date for their PTO calculations.

5. Secure Data Storage: All data entered into PTO Calculator Software is securely stored in an encrypted database to ensure its safety and privacy.


PTO Calculator Software is an easy to use, comprehensive tool that allows users to accurately calculate and track their paid time off. This software includes a powerful calculation algorithm, a comprehensive records storage and management system, easy to read reports, customizable settings, and secure data storage.
1. Operating System: The PTO calculator software should be compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems.

2. Storage: The PTO calculator software should require minimal storage, with a maximum of no more than 100 MB.

3. User Interface: The user interface should be intuitive and user-friendly, with a modern design that allows for easy navigation and data entry.

4. Security: The software should be secure, with data encrypted and stored on secure servers.

5. Calculations: The calculator should be able to accurately and quickly calculate PTO accrual and usage.

6. Reports: The software should be able to generate reports, such as a summary of PTO usage over a specified period of time.

7. Support: The software should have a comprehensive user guide, as well as customer support available via phone and email.
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Robert S*****n

PTO Calculator is a great software for managing employees' paid time off. It's easy to use and lets you quickly access your employees' vacation and sick leave balances. The reporting features are helpful for tracking employee usage and creating reports for senior management. It also has a great user interface that is intuitive and easy to navigate. I like how it can be configured to fit the company's needs, allowing for different policies and rules for different departments. The customer service is also very helpful and responsive. Overall, I'm pleased with PTO Calculator's performance and features.
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David Vind

I've been using PTO Calculator for tracking my vacation and sick days for about a year now and it's been really useful. It's easy to use and keeps track of all my days off in one place. The software also sends me reminders when I'm close to my maximum PTO allowance. I like that I can set custom rules for my company's vacation policy. The interface is a bit outdated, but it gets the job done.
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