Quick Heal AntiVirus Pro

by Quick Heal Technologies

Anti-virus measure to prevent malware attacks and maintain security firewall

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Quick Heal Technologies

Release : Quick Heal AntiVirus Pro 18.00

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Quick Heal antivirus Pro for Windows was developed and released by Quick Heal Technologies Ltd. as an annual license software package. Quick Heal AntiVirus Pro can run on any Windows platforms, including Windows XP and those release after.

Important features include its capability for security firewalls to monitor any real-time threats while connected to Wi-Fi. Quick Heal AntiVirus Pro also detects and prevents possible malware attacks from emails received via clients such as Microsoft Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, Windows Mail, and several others. It is also designed to prevent any ransomware attacks using a novel technology to filter out any known or previously unknown threats. Quick Heal AntiVirus Pro helps prevent key-loggers from stealing users' information and allows users to protect from malicious content while browsing the internet.

Another neat feature of Quick Heal AntiVirus Pro is its tracking ability for lost or misplaced laptops. Once the computer was registered with the Quick Heal system, the software can update the location of the device that will allow for tracking it if stolen or lost. It seems Quick Heal AntiVirus Pro not only protects your computer from electronic threats but also from physical ones as well.

Effective malware detection and prevention and real-time security maintenance from potential threats

  • Real-time threat monitoring and prevention in the Wi-Fi mode.
  • Filtering of malicious contents from emails received via clients (e.g., Microsoft Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc.)
  • Prevention of ransomware or similar suspicious malware/spyware.
  • Prevention of key-loggers or other attempts to steal users' information.
  • Tracking of lost or misplaced laptop
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Leo Y.

Quick Heal AntiVirus Pro is an advanced security solution that provides comprehensive protection against viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, adware, and other malicious threats. The software comes with a powerful antivirus engine that utilizes advanced heuristics techniques to detect new malware and block malicious activities. It also features anti-phishing, email and web security, a two-way firewall, parental control, and a secure browsing mode. With its easy-to-use interface and advanced features, Quick Heal AntiVirus Pro is the perfect security solution for your PC.
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Ruaridh N.

Overall, I have been using Quick Heal AntiVirus Pro for the past year and I have to say that it has been a good experience. It is easy to install and the user interface is very straightforward and intuitive. It has a basic virus scanner and various other features that help protect my computer from malicious software. I haven't experienced any slow downs while it has been running in the background. It also has an anti-ransomware feature which I use regularly to protect my data. The annual subscription is fairly priced and I have had no issues with renewing it. The customer service has also been very helpful and responsive when I have had any queries. I would definitely recommend this software to anyone looking for a reliable antivirus.
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Harry Eilenberger

1. Quick Heal AntiVirus Pro is a great antivirus software for protecting against viruses and malware. 2. It runs scans quickly and efficiently and is lightweight on system resources. 3. The interface is easy to use, making it simple to configure settings. 4. It provides real-time protection and automatic updates. 5. I have had no issues with the software so far.
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David N*****x

I have been using Quick Heal Antivirus Pro for a few months now and its been great so far; it's chaptured and remove threats quickly and effeciently.
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Nathan H.

Quick Heal AntiVirus Pro is a powerful software that offers a range of features to protect your computer from various types of malware. It provides real-time protection against viruses, spyware, adware, and other malicious software. The software also comes with advanced features like email protection, web security, and parental control, which helps to keep your computer safe and secure. With its intuitive interface and easy-to-use tools, Quick Heal AntiVirus Pro is an excellent choice for anyone looking for reliable antivirus software.
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Riley E.

Quick Heal AntiVirus Pro software is a reliable antivirus program with a user-friendly interface and multiple security features.
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