by Peter B. Clements

Repair and use damaged software using a Par2 file system

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Peter B. Clements

Release: QuickPar

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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QuickPar for Windows is a program that allows users to create Parity Volumes using an algorithm called the "Reed Solomon" Parity Volumes can be used and may be used to verify sets of files that are not broken or corrupted. QuickPar also uses the PAR 2.0 version which is a massive update over the previous version. You can also recover damaged files and documents if you were to open a downloaded program with this software it will automatically without user input check to see if the files are complete if they aren't the software QuickPar will try to complete the files using the Par2 file. You can choose what type of files you want to use as well such as par2, par1, and SFV. There's also an option to Integrate QuickPar in Shell which allows users to select files in Windows Explorer but it'll mainly be used for repairing par2 files.

There are a lot of features in this program including being able to delete files such as damaged files after the product was repaired, you can also send the files to recycle bin without completely deleting them, you can change the priority of the files from Idle, Normal or High and the program will Monitor and repair automatically if you tick the boxes for it to be allowed within the program it'self and another useful feature would be the option for quiet operation which will have the software do all of the main functions in the background without you even noticing anything. It's also possible if need be you can make your own par2 files using QuickPar as you have an option to add files you can add the one you want and change it into a par2 files and it's also useful and worth pointing out that you can add either one file or multiples files.

In conclusion, this product is definitely very useful for people who encounter issues with files and need them repaired without having to download or check the problem themselves all over again.

Users can create their own Par2 files by uploading and adding files into the program.
sam dow
Users can create their own Par2 files by uploading and adding files into the program.
Quickpar really gets the job done as far as file repairs go, I've had a few people bring computers into the shop with corrupted files from a power outage or a toddler hitting a power button while editing something. You figure people wouldn't need it if they would just keep good backups but oh well, at least it keeps me in business.
Hamish Rowley
software is a utility for creating Parity Volumes using the Reed Solomon algorithm. For details of the algorithm used, see the parchive website at SourceForge.
QuickPar for Windows is a software used to create archives for verification for one or multiple files. It was used in the past to recover damage files
QuickPar is the easiest way to keep the recovery of your files. The newest version is compatible with any operating system. the best part of QuickPar is you have to just install it and it will function accordingly. if your files gets corrupted it will use parity data to recover those files on its own. it is user-friendly and it is totally free.
QuickPar for Windows is a simple interface, works well. my partner has been using it for years then had to reinstall after a system restore. it does exactly what you want it to do and i highly recommended it to everyone
Leon H.
QuickPar is a software utility for creating and managing Parity Volumes using the Reed Solomon algorithm. It is used to detect and repair damage to data files, such as files that have been corrupted or damaged due to a faulty hard drive, CD-ROM, or other media. It can also be used to reconstruct missing or damaged files in a set of par files.
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