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Operating system: Windows

Publisher: GoPro, Inc

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Quik is a program that imports and edits videos captured on your GoPro camera. The program allows you to catalog all the videos that have been transferred to the computer memory, as well as make adjustments to them and mount a dynamic clip with music.

For those who are very quick to "clog" their memory cards with video footage, you'll need to automatically transfer content to your computer's hard drive every time you connect your GoPro camera. When you run Quik, you'll see a window with a list of imported clips and a player that lets you double-click any one of them at any time. GoPro Plus subscribers will also be able to move videos to and from the cloud. The free version does not include this feature. However, no one stops you from finding the video files on the disk and uploading them to the storage you normally use.

Now let's talk about the built-in video editor. He doesn't have many functions, but they're all quite interesting. For example, the editor allows you to make beautiful timeplates, apply the time dilation effect, color filters and other "chips". Of course, it does not lack standard functions like video clipping and gluing. Well, of course, the developers simply couldn't help but add the possibility of exporting finished works to social networks to the editor.

In addition to the two features described above, Quik also performs a third function, the GoPro firmware update. Each time the camera is connected, the software searches for a new version of the software and informs the user of its availability. The update is installed automatically.

- Import and catalogue GoPro camera videos;

- Automatic content transfer when the camera is connected to a computer;

- Built-in clip editor that allows you to trim excess clips,

- Creation of "slices" of video with music and application of various effects;

- the creation of timelaps."

- Rapid export of finished works to social networks;

- Update the GoPro firmware.

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