Rental Property Manager

by Source IT Software

A comprehensive database tool for managing all aspects of rental property ownership

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Source IT Software

Release : Rental Property Manager 3.0

Antivirus check: passed

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The Rental Property Manager (RPM) software is a comprehensive solution that allows you to manage all your information related to renting real estate properties. Designed by a property manager to meet your specific needs, RPM is suitable for real estate professionals as well as private investors who own rental properties.

With RPM, it's possible to store and manage data about your properties, your tenants, and your financial transactions. The software includes functions that allow you to create advanced reports, presenting all rental information you need in table form.

  • Management of data related to each property: general address information, specific notes, detailed lists of assets and property dimensions, complete inspection records with storage space for digital photos of the property
  • Management of data about your tenants: general tenant and rental information, linking tenants to properties
  • Recording and reporting on your properties' financial data: income, expenses, automatic rent calculation for quick account updates on who owes you money
  • RPM Planner which provides a calendar of events for scheduling property inspections and other events
  • Report creation with useful information on your properties, tenants, assets, expenses, and more

No matter if your property portfolio is residential, commercial, rural or diversified, whether you have two or three properties or two or three hundred, RPM can scale with your portfolio. Beyond just managing properties and tenants, this software will give you a clear and detailed view of your rental activity.

The Rental Property Manager software provides comprehensive control over all property, tenant, and financial information.

In conclusion, the RPM tool is a comprehensive solution for anyone who has properties to rent. It's a dedicated tool that simplifies property management, offering total control over information related to properties, tenants and financial transactions.

- Must have database for storing property and tenant information
- Requires financial transaction recording and reporting capability
- Must include RPM Planner for scheduling property-related events
- Needs report creation with details on properties, tenants, assets, expenses

Allows comprehensive management of rental properties, tenants, and transactions.
Simplifies property management with automatic rent calculations.
Offers detailed reporting functions for better control and understanding.

Requires time to manually enter and update property and tenant data.
Doesn't support automatic synchronization with online rental listing platforms.
No mobile app available for on-the-go property management.
A user-friendly solution for tracking employee attendance, benefits, and leave policies.
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