Rhyme Genie

by Idolumic

Rhyming dictionary program that is compatible with Windows platforms and Mac OS X IOS.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Idolumic

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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For songwriters who are serious about their craft.

Rhyme Genie is developed by Idolumic for Windows and Mac platforms, for songwriters looking to add some extra word flow to their songs. With over 300,000 different entries, this rhyming dictionary has the largest database available. Chose from 30 different rhyme types, including American sayings, cliches, and idioms. It also includes a word filter with 130,000 different parts of speech. Choosing the right words to express yourself has never been so easy, with an integrated thesaurus that finds syllable matching synonyms, as well as a word filter separates words by their connotation and allows you to determine the number of syllables. Includes automatic detection of stressed syllables, multi-syllabic rhymes, as well as control over the similarity in sound. 

Rhyme Genie includes five different song dictionaries, made from half a million different song titles. Browse through 53,000 different song titles that have topped the charts and explore the artists who made them famous. 

Includes a separate program to help you manage your music. Also, has the option to limit the number of rhymes that are displayed through the selection of a smaller dictionary. 

With Rhyme Genie, you can focus more on what you want to say without the limitations set a limited word knowledge. Say "what you want to" and let Rhyme Genie figure out "how to say it". For those of us who have so much to say, but have no experience or knowledge with songwriting, this software changes the game for us. 

The users can chose from 30 different rhyme types and over 300,000 entries.

  • 30 different rhyme types
  • 330,000 different word entries
  • 10 million phonetic references 
  • 130,000 different parts of speech
  • Integrated thesaurus with over 2.5 million entries

The separate program included:

TuneSmith- for maintaining song catalogs; full contact manager; supports the use of pseudonyms

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