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The best tool for root any android smartphones or tablets

Operating system: Windows

Release: Root Genius 3.1.7

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Rootgenuis is most popular for root android KitKat 4.4.2 in a single click but still capable of more android version. It is developed by Chinese developer team "Shuame". It is one click rooting and automated rooting


  • The application success rate is high.
  • We don't need a PC.
  • Free of Cost and one click root.
  • The user interface is interactive.

Root genius is one of the best tools for rooting your android device. This app facilitates you with the rooting of your device by just a few clicks. This application does not harm your system in any way. There is only one con for this application; that this application is unavailable on google play store. Still, This application root genius is very useful and you can download root genius app with the help an emulator. Therefore download the root genius APK and enjoy the astonishing third-party app on your Pc.

The UI of Root Genius Apk is very simple.

These alternatives are almost the same in the usual functions just with the very minute difference. That is why they act as the best alternatives to each other. You must give a try to this awesome app for rooting. This is the easiest form of rooting tool and also the more efficient tool for the rooting process. Whenever you want you can reserve the root. 

- This app supports all versions of the windows.

- The most important thing to be kept mind, before downloading the app make sure that you are using the best internet connection or Wifi network.

- As this is an application basically runs on the android device, so what you need is that you have download an emulator with facilities in your Pc.

- The most preferred application is Bluestacks.

- Root genius 1.8.7 supported more than the 10000 android devices.

Saporah Wynn
the fact that it's free of cost is a plus and that means its most likely to get looked at by people who are looking to budget or not spend to root their androids. the simplier the instructions are for a person to understand the process is one of the best selling reviews a product can get. making the customer life easier is everything for a product.
he fact that it's free of cost is a plus and that means its most likely to get looked at by people who are looking to budget or not spend to root their androids. the simplier the instructions are for a person to understand the process is one of the best selling reviews a product can get. making the customer life easier is everything for a product.
I love that it is free and can help you automate your device. Appears however to not be for a windows device but for Android only. The simple instructions seem to make this fool proof for the not so tech savvy. Security is always a concern when rooting.
Root Genius is an innovative root tool for smartphones and tablets alike. Expand the functionality of your device within no time with this wonderful tool. If you would like to personalize your device even further and accomplish more beyond its native capabilities then this software product is for you. It is free, easy to use and has full rooting abilities. Download this today to take your experience a step further.
Daniel Lehmann
windows version doesn't require any installation on your PC. Simply download rootgenius and run while your device connected to the PC. The latest update Root 3.1.7 is only available with Chinese interface and Root genius apk is also available for direct download on Android smartphones.
Root Genius helps put me in control of my phone. I like to be able to do anything I like with my phone and it helps me do it. I first used it on my old Galaxy and loved it so much I've used it on two other Galaxys since. I wanted to get rid of apps that I don't need or use and this helped me do it. Some things are written in Chinese, but that hasn't interfered with its functionality.
This is very good rooting support as I use it both for my mobile and computer. It's really easy to use and it gets it's bugs fixed very very quickly. What i love the most is that it has a very strong backup application and allows custom ROMs. I also don't need additional ad blockers as this has built in ad blockers. Overall very satisfied.
As a side gig I sometimes clean up android phones for sale or use in other ways or as a phone backup, Root Genius looks like the perfect software when i'm installing and updating firmware, sometimes i sideload test applications which of course requires root access. Rooting unlocks your device's full power of customization allowing you to take control and do whatever you want.
Root Genius makes it easy to find your devices and organize all of your data. It is futuristic, simplistic, and saves me so much time. I am so happy I purchased it and it is compatible with my android.
Root genius is available in Four different languages including English, Russian, Spanish and French. It's latest version doesn't require any installation, so it is very easy to use than others. The latest version is also available in the Chinese interface. There are super easy apps that are available for direct download for android smartphones. It also allows flashing custom ROMs and kernel which is really helpful for me and the best this is it blocks the annoying ads all over.
Root Genius is an amazing software product for android users that want to open up their phones to more settings and able to install custom roms. Not only is the software great for experienced users but is also designed in a way that can be used by beginners with very little risk. One downside to the root genius is that it does void the phone warranty if you still have one. I personally love all the things that Root Genius allows me to unlock and utilize in my phone. Root Genius also needs no other tools to use and has no adware or hidden applications! I would 10/10 recommend for someone wanting more out of their phone!
This is a genius software that an Android user can download on their smartphone to root it. This software allows the user the ability to root their phone in two manner either by apk or by connecting to pc via USB connection. Users have many advantages to rooting their smartphone: The ability to the user the ability to flash custom ROMs Access to the root folder The ability to backup and restore apps and app data The user have admin permission
Root genius is one of the best ROOTING tools in the industry and it is known as the best way to root the android running devices using windows running PC as well.
Daniel Tresler
Root Genius is a one-click rooting software designed to root Android smartphones and tablets. It supports a wide range of Android devices, from the latest flagship devices to older models. It is easy to use and requires no technical knowledge. It also allows users to unroot their devices with the same ease.
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