Agent Ransack

by Mythicsoft Ltd

Find files on your computer or network drive

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Mythicsoft Ltd

Release: Agent Ransack 8.0.867.1

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Agent Ransack is a fast and free program that allows you to search for files on your PC or network drive. Results are easy to search and allow you to export or print results as you need. It is free for both commercial and personal use.


  • Immediate Results
  • Office Format Compatible (Office 2010 and Open Office)
  • Boolean and Perl Expression Capable
  • Print and Export Results 
  • 64 Bit and Corporate Versions

Agent Ransack is one of the fastest and most effective file-searching software programs on the market today. It is compatible with the most popular office formats such as Office 2010 and Open Office. It is also closely integrated with Boolean Expressions and Perl Regex, making it extremely user-friendly and easy to use. Many users will appreciate that all results from Agent Ransack can be exported and printed.

It is free for both commercial and personal use.

Currently, as the "lite" version of FileLocator Pro, Agent Ransack is available for free for both personal and corporate use. It comes in a 64-bit, corporate, and even a restricted version for users not given permissions to search their local PCs. 

Agent Ransack is a free, fast and one of the most effective program that helps to find any file in your PC or network drive. It’s free for both personal or commercial use. You can also export or print the result as you need.
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Agent Ransack is a free file search tool for finding files on your PC windows or network drives. It has a Lite mode, which is FREE for both personal and commercial use but also a Professional mode that includes optional pay-for features. and also it lets us decide which file is the one I want to open and It can search by file name, a pattern of the string within files and pause my search.
The Agent Ransack software for Windows really helps me out. It is a free tool that allows you to search for files that are on your PC or within your network drives! Even those who have commercial needs are allowed to use it for free, so it is great for those who want to use it on their own time and on the clock! It has been helping users search for their files for over 19 years now!
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One of my biggest issues when I started my business was locating the important files and PDFs on my computer. With agent Ransack I am able to search my entire computer from one place. Saving me time and stress this software is a keeper!
If we need to search for a file in your computer and drives we can use this software to find out the exact information in the computer and also in Network drive. we need to wait less time to get the result as fast as can. This portable software is a versatile one which allows to preview the file with real-time results. It analysis the data and gives exact search results.I think it's very helpful when the search can be paused and resumed.
Specialist Ransack is one of the quickest and best record looking through programming programs available today. It is good with the most mainstream office arrangements, for example, Office 2010 and Open Office. It is additionally firmly incorporated with Boolean Expressions and Perl Regex, making it incredibly easy to use and simple to utilize. Numerous clients will value that all outcomes from Agent Ransack can be traded and printed.
I've had the problem of trying to find some random file on my computer and coming up empty. Agent Ransack for Windows is a way to circumnavigate this annoying problem. Simply put, it enables you to easily find files on your computer without any hassle. For a gamer such a myself, this is very useful if you want to add a mod or something and need a particular file.
Need a better file searching tool?If you’re a user that has an exorbitant amount of files or just simply would enjoy a higher degree of depth and convenience, then Agent Ransack is the program that will help you. Agent Ransack is a file search tool with a large number of features, some notable ones being boolean expressions, Perl regex compatibility, and a 64-bit version. For corporate users, Agent Ransack is also available, and for users who want a high level of privacy, Agent Ransack also features a lock down ability, helping restrict or limit users from modifying the system in unintended ways.
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