Lenovo Smart Assistant

by Lenovo

A set of tools for Lenovo and Moto phones which updates the device functions

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Lenovo

Release: Lenovo Smart Assistant

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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You can think of the Lenovo MOTO Smart Assistant as a toolkit that will easily assist you in maintaining your Lenovo mobile phone for optimum performance.
    • Tracks storage space available on the phone
    • Can restore the phone to operation if the prior software has crashed it. If this occurs, the user is able to access the Smart Assistant on their PC, go to Flash, and restore their particular device
    • Identifies ROM upgrades        
    • Tracks battery/charge level of phone
    • Connects via Wi-Fi or a USB cable (from the PC) if that is preferred
    • Automatically update the system software to the most recent configuration.
    • Relieves the stress and hassle of manually updating the firmware
    • Manage photos, SMS, music, contacts, and other files The Lenovo Smart Assistant for PC is free and user friendly. It includes a “tips” section with helpful advice on how to accomplish various tasks If the user is unable to find their desired answer in “tips” they are able to turn to the Lenovo forum to submit questions and search for answers there. Users are also able to connect with Lenovo for any troubleshooting needs on the official Facebook page. 

In order for the Lenovo MOTO Smart Assistant to be used, the device must operate on Windows 10 (64-bit), Windows 7 (32-bit), or Windows 7 (64-bit). Installation is expected to take 23.7 MB of memory on the PC. Lenovo MOTO Smart Assistant for PC replaces the standalone version that was previously available. The prior version will need to be removed from the users’ device. 

If you need a smart assistant, then why not pick out The Lenovo Smart Assistant? When you put it on your phone, it will quickly tell you how much storage space you have left. It also tracks battery levels, ROM upgrades, manages photos, updates system software without any hassle in the process and also restores the phone after any crashes. So if you are looking for a smart assistant that works for you, then try out the Lenovo Smart Assistant.
Lenovo Smart Assistant is an all-in-one utility program for Lenovo users of products. It allows users to maintain their devices by boosting efficiency and eliminating unnecessary files. It enables one to manage their smart devices, by modifying file storage, backing up, restoring and updating. This software is essential for anyone running with a Lenovo brand product.
Jacob Trujillo
Lenovo Smart Assistant helps to manage any Lenovo devices. Must have for those with multiple Lenovo devices such as printers, phones, and tablets. Very convenient and will save you so much time! Perfect software for those with smart devices.
a great Windows software for flashing and editing your Moto phones software and files and to root your device.
I own a Lenovo computer and have been looking for an easy way to maintain it. I think I've found just the right application. It's called Lenovo Smart Assistant for Windows. It is a set of software tools that I can use to maintain my Lenovo machine. I can use it to update Rom, rescue my computer. It even comes with tips online. This software application has given me peace of my mind that I am doing everything I can to maintain my computer and make sure it runs properly for years to come.
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