Block and disable applications on your Android device

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Debloater is a little-known program that can easily disable a program on your android device from running. Now, most people would wonder why on earth you would do this. Allow me to enlighten you. Our devices are almost always updating. In fact, the average application on an Android device updates 2 times a week. If you play a number of games or have social media apps, this can really slow up your device. In extreme cases, it can even ruin it.


  • Free To Use
  • Disable Applications
  • Block Applications
  • Export Blocked/Disable Lists To Other Devices

In addition to freeing up resources for your device. Debloater is very good at preventing malicious programs from gaining access to your sensitive data. I think we've all heard the horror stories about someone's pictures being stolen and posted on the internet for everyone to see. Debloater can permanently block the program that allows hackers to steal those photos. Even if you delete the program from your system and it somehow manages to come back, it's still blocked!

An added bonus to Debloater is the fact that you can export lists of certain programs or third party applications you want to be blocked on other devices. Even if those devices don't have those applications installed on them. Debloater is a great way to really protect your electronic devices from harm. I personally use Debloater on those intrusive mobile games that just have to give you a pop up even if you aren't playing it. There is nothing more annoying than getting a random advertisement to buy more coins when you are watching a video or talking to someone. All in all, Debloater is one of the best possible tools you can get to protect your device from being overrun by third-party applications. It is completely free, easy to install and even easier to use.

Disable system or third party apps that slow down your device.
Grace Johnson
This app helped speed up my phone and get rid of all the annoying pop ups I was getting. Would recommend this for anyone who feels like their phone is too cluttered. Great app that helped improve my phone, especially for being free!
This sounds great, but would this just be for people that have no idea how to go into there settings>apps>(select the app)>disable? That was my first thought, was that android already gives you this option built in, it doesn't help block these apps from downloading, I guess that would be something certain people could use. I worked at a cellular retailer for over 2 years and I can't tell you how many times people would come in with "apps they didn't authorize", or have ads popping up, and I just showed them how to disable them.
I am glad that I found this software to be able to take out all the bloatware from my computer. Now my computer is running faster.
David Gore
A debloator is a software that help you block third party applications and makes disabling and enabling those third party easy. Blocking these applications helps keep you device safe. The debloater also has a imported list if website that they automatically block. The debloater also makes it easier to enable and disable applications software.
Debloater for Windows is a tool that will allow you to fully manage any application or service that you have on your Android cell phone. Using Debloater, you'll be able to see all installed applications. You can then control them by blacklisting them or making a backup. You can also give your applications a new name, or you can make them compatible with any local data on your phone.
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