by MikroTik

RouterOS is an operating system that will turn into a router with all necessary features

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: MikroTik

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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RouterOS is an operating system from MikroTik, primarily designed for network hardware based on RouterBOARD and used to manage routers. It is also possible to install the system on a personal computer compatible with i386 architecture, thus turning it into a router.

The system supports a large number of protocols and network interfaces, allowing you to use the computer, depending on the purpose, as a firewall, VPN server, FTP server, proxy server, wired or wireless access point and much more. The user is provided with a selection of the desired components during installation. The WinBox graphical utility is used for configuration; besides, there is a possibility to access settings through the web-interface or SSH terminal, as well as through serial COM-port and HyperTerminal. On the official website there is a large amount of documentation, which developers maintain up to date.

It should be noted that RouterOS is installed on a clean hard drive and cannot work as a second operating system (for example, with Windows). A properly configured program does not require the constant presence of an administrator, and demonstrates good fault tolerance and reliability in standalone operation.

- several interfaces for remote control of the system;

- High reliability and fault tolerance;

- Support for a large number of hardware networking devices and personal computers;

- support for a large number of protocols and network interfaces;

- Ability to work as a firewall, router, MPLS-device, VPN-server, wireless access point, DHCP-server, hot-spot server, proxy-server and so on;

- QoS standard support;

- the ability to hide local networks via NAT Masquerading;

- A large number of different tools for network operation and maintenance;

- Developed documentation system.

Operating system of RouterBOARD. It can also be installed on a PC and will turn it into a router with all the necessary features - routing, firewall
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