RPG in a Box

by Justin Arnold

A simple RPG-maker software, including transparent Godot Engine and much more

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Justin Arnold

Release : RPG in a Box 1.01

Antivirus check: passed

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RPG in a Box could be called a whole game-creating engine, gathering simple RPG, story, and utility tools to help you build your future game up. It should be said that something like RPG in a Box isn't really supposed to be taken upright as a major development tool, as for something like Unity, Unreal, and others, but closer to RPG Maker and familiar engines, which focus more on distributing simple toolsets to help you understand the game-development logic and foundation better. The software comes with an internal voxel-based model creator/editor which allows for basic modeling to also teach template preparation and more.

One more advantage is, without a doubt, a community page, with bug reports, ideas and suggestions, questions and answers for all people who are in use of RPGiaB. This software utilizes (but kinda also limits itself to) 10x10 pixel tile maps, as well as 5 vertical and 5 horizontal ones, making for an easily accessible map layout that everyone can understand.


  • Elementary-level game designing and construction choices, still competent enough to satisfy most devs
  • Importing and exporting options, moreover permitting sharing your, and other's, projects around the world
  • Core platforming, modeling, and gameplay-building tools, all pretty plain but fundamentally sufficient enough
  • A series of video tutorials to help first-time users get into the software capabilities with a breeze
  • Future road map with updates coming up to include even more essentials, as well as a free demo for RPG creators to try it out

To keep it short, the program aims for devs over the level of Scratch, or around that, but maybe not experienced enough to take on full-time game development, or just for people having fun making simple games and telling fun stories. It could also come as a general relaxation tool for indie developers, who may feel tired of everyday work and may just feel like creating. To put it simply, RPG in a Box isn't everything everyone needs, but something most people would find just enough for unpretentious game dev.

RPG in a Box, packed with a build-in Godot Engine, is a program capable of creating small game worlds to play around with, as well as them having custom mechanics
1. Operating System: Windows 7/8/10
2. Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or higher
3. Memory: 4GB RAM (8GB recommended)
4. Graphics: DirectX 10 compatible or higher

Allows creating RPGs without any programming knowledge.
Features intuitive user interface and powerful creative tools.
Includes a variety of game creation resources.

Limited sound effects customization options.
No multi-platform export feature.
Steep learning curve for beginners.
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