by xemu Project

Xbox emulator, allowing for easy portability of Xbox-owned games onto your current operating systems

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: xemu Project

Release : xemu stable

Antivirus check: passed

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xemu is a great piece of emulation software, similar to other solutions like BlueStacks or PSX/PS emulators, having its own UI (a pretty nice one, but more on that one later on), a huge list of supported titles with the SteamDeck-like compatibility list, and many more things for which xemu stand out. Firstly, it can be easily edited and adjusted to your liking given that the code is currently open-source, secondly, having a built-in settings menu that allows for detailed configuration of your current setup to happen just as easily.

And yes, the UI itself is pretty neat, too, having menus for anything you might need to edit before the game runs eventually, and an Xbox-stylized startup menu with Memory, Xbox Live, Music, and previously mentioned Settings menus, permitting Memory viewing and managing, Xbox Live integration, checking out all the OST and music found in the Xbox library, and more! Obviously, it should be mentioned that you can connect up to 4 controllers to the computer (or whatever you are using) and you can just the same enjoy either multiplayer titles or gaming via Splitscreen with your friends, without a need for said console.


  • Cross-platform, open-source program
  • Low-level emulation, meaning on-ground recreation of the game running in a fitting environment, ensuring the game's work is stable and better compatibility for applications, kernels, connected devices, etc.
  • Handy snapshotting (or simply saving) feature that allows you to lock and save the machine's state in a few clicks and come back to it after
  • An active community of Xbox fans and other gamers alike, full of tutorials and tips on the proper use of the software
  • Adaptive scaling to native resolution from 480 to 1080p in a matter of mere seconds
  • SDL2-based controller support (up to 4) and easy connection to Xbox services, locally and via the net 

All of these are definitely great and helpful features, no doubt, so practically xemu is really a one-of-its-own Xbox emulator, having a vast amount of things pointing it to be an elite gaming software, while also being relatively down to earth and easy-to-use by even the most basic of users. 

xemu is THE Xbox emulator, enabling easy access to Xbox-powered titles and having fresh interface to navigate in, having some extras like compatibility list, step-by-step installation guide, and more interface on
1. PC with operating system Windows 7 or above
2. Minimum 4GB RAM for smooth operation
3. Basic graphics card supporting DirectX9 or above
4. Xbox game ROMs for gameplay

Offers high emulation accuracy for original Xbox gaming experience.
Compatible with wide range of old and new Xbox games.
Regular updates ensure improved performance and stability.

Requires high-performance hardware for optimal use.
Potential issues with game compatibility.
Frequent updates might interrupt gameplay.
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