Geometry Quiz
Test your mathematical skills with this timed challenge of solving geometric problems.
The New One
A memory testing game where players identify new objects among familiar ones.
An efficient sales and leads management tool that tracks and automates business interactions.
A modern, interactive ludo board game with video calling, chat features, and high-quality graphics
Lucky Card
A guess-the-card game that sharpens your divination skills for professional titles
Make 24
An interactive online game that tests math skills by creating equations to total 24 with playing cards
Math Man
An engaging arcade-style game that combines fun gameplay with solving mathematical equations
Cup Stacking
A game to improve typing speed and accuracy by stacking and removing virtual cups
Colouring Game
A creativity-enhancing tool allowing users to fill colorless pictures using a palette.
Free Checkers
Enjoy a classic game of checkers anytime, anywhere on your Windows device for free.
Parking Mania
Test your driving skills with this fun, interactive parking simulation game
World Capitals Quiz
Test your geographical knowledge with a timed quiz on world capitals.
Drum Beats
An interactive rhythm-based game that enables users to replicate computer-generated drum beats.
Real Drum
Transform your Android device into a portable drum set with 13 distinct instruments.
Clock Hands
An interactive game to learn how to tell time by setting a digital clock's hands.
World Flags Quiz
Test your geography skills by matching country flags to their respective nations in a timed quiz.
Quick Math
An educational game testing speed and accuracy in solving simple mathematical equations
An augmented reality remake of the 82s game Paratrooper using webcam interaction.
Easter Egg Hunt
A fun, competitive game where players search for hidden Easter eggs in images.
Blind Spot
A memory-testing game where players identify vanished objects' original positions.
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