Xbox emulator, allowing for easy portability of Xbox-owned games onto your current operating systems
Kindle Create
A professional book creating/publishing software, focusing on simplicity and effective management of the library
A complete library to solve complex geometry problems.
RPG in a Box
A simple RPG-maker software, including transparent Godot Engine and much more
An innovative application that displays your current heart rate by showing an ECG simulation.
The perfect digital book reader that provides a comfortable reading experience.
Free Checkers
Enjoy a classic game of checkers anytime, anywhere on your Windows device for free.
Real Drum
Transform your Android device into a portable drum set with 13 distinct instruments.
Free Chess
A downloadable chess game featuring multiple difficulty levels, intuitive design, and move management options.
A virtual strip club experience with high-quality customizable video of professional models.
Free Spider Solitaire
A mobile-friendly card game with customizable features, multiple difficulty levels and undo options.
WesterosCraft Launcher
The WesterosCraft Launcher is a free, open-source tool for playing and managing WesterosCraft Minecraft worlds.
Steam Mover
Steam Mover is a free software tool that enables you to move installed Steam games to a different folder or drive.
RPA Extract
RPA Extract is a cloud-based robotic process automation platform designed to help businesses automate and manage manual processes.
MC Server Soft
MC Server Soft is a server management software that provides easy management of server resources, performance, security, and automation.
WinShot is an easy-to-use screenshot utility for quickly capturing, annotating and sharing screenshots.
Deceive is a security software solution designed to protect users from malicious software and other online threats.
Game Turbo Booster
Turbo Booster is a system optimization tool that helps increase system speed, improve overall performance, and free up disk space.
ValorantCC is a robust cheat detection and prevention tool that helps protect your Valorant game from malicious players and cheaters.
Keysticks is a PC remote control application that lets you control your computer with a game controller or remote.
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