RPG Maker XP

by Degica

Allows one to create RPG for windows

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Degica

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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RPG Maker XP is a program that allows you to create your own RPG games. You might think it's hard to make games. Strictly speaking, it is. But not with the RPG Maker XP! This program allows you to easily and simply, step by step to create really impressive games. Simply create a game map, heroes, monsters and other magic items, supply them with events and distribute them to different places - and the game is ready! You can use ready-made characters and create a game map based on the built-in mosaic tiles. Events will play an important role in your game. Battles with bosses, treasure hunting, traveling through dungeons - all built on the use of events, each of which can be added to the hero to allow him to respond to changing conditions of the game. In addition to the events, the RPG Maker XP features an incredible variety of graphics, characters, monsters, effects and other game elements. Of course, you can also use your own unique graphics. The program supports the graphic format PNG, as well as audio formats WAV, MIDI and OGG. The finished game can be recorded on optical disc or distributed on the Internet (and even earn on it). RPG Maker XP allows you to encrypt game files and use Ruby-based scripting.

- making RPG games;

- a lot of ready-made game elements - from monsters and heroes to level maps;

- the encryption of the finished game;

- using scripts;

- the ability to use your own graphics.

An original role-playing game with full of the functions including game data encryption and a scripting feature
I am a beginner to making my own games, but I found RPG Maker XP to be very easy to get started in. It also provided clear and easily understandable steps that let me build up my skills in game-making. The wide variety of objects, characters, and events let me explore my creativity and make my game unique. I was really happy RPG Maker XP let me share my newly-created game with my friends once it was complete!
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