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Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Red Hat, Inc.

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Cygwin is an application that provides a UNIX emulation environment for Windows operating systems and allows you to run UNIX programs on such systems. It is possible to work both through the graphical interface and through the command line.

Cygwin consists of the cygwin1.dll DLL library, which acts as an emulator, providing the user with a POSIX interface, full system functionality, and a set of utilities that ensure full Linux compatibility. Cygwin works with all versions of the Windows operating system starting with Windows 95. Although the program is not the most affordable way to run Linux applications on a Windows PC (all source codes must be compiled into executable files by yourself), Cygwin still provides excellent Linux emulation, almost all programs from *nix systems are run.

By default, when installing Cygwin, only the base part is installed. To install the extended set, you need to select the category checkboxes you want to install during the installation process.

The program is rather convenient in work, for the advanced users who are more or less familiar with Windows operating system, is started on all modern 32-bit versions of Windows operating system.

Jake (unverified)
A product that helps emulate a user interface and creates more ease of use for people who are not familiar with 32 bit windows. There are check boxes that need to be worked through during installation but overall a good product for helping people run Linux services through windows.
Oliver (unverified)
Cygwin is a terminal emulator with a collection of GNU and Open Source tools that provide functionality similar to that available for Linux in the Windows environment. Installation and use are not difficult. I've used it and learned to tinker with time. It is quite useful and functional.
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