SanDisk SSD Toolkit

by Sandisk Corporation

Maintain, monitor and update the firmware of your SanDisk drives

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Sandisk Corporation

Release: SanDisk SSD Toolkit

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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The SSD Toolkit’s simple, the intuitive graphical user interface will make optimizing, maintaining and troubleshooting your SanDisk SSD drive a snap. Easily track data and statistics for all SSD drives with a simple tab system. The SanDisk SSD Toolkit works with all SanDisk branded SSD drives.


  • Complete drive analysis and data (including drive model, capacity, firmware version)
  • Statistics and data on capacity, performance, errors
  • Tracks and downloads firmware updates
  • SMART attributes data compatible
  • Robust recovery and secure erase
  • Works on 32-bit and 64-bit systems

SanDisk has included in its SSD Toolkit utility everything you need to keep your solid state drive (SSD) running at peak performance. From performance analysis to error checking, the toolkit is a one-stop utility for all SanDisk SSD users.Installation of the toolkit is easy and fast. The graphical user interface is simple and intuitive. All connected SSDs are easily identified. All available apps are easily accessible via tabs system. A simple click of a tab will bring up the model and a serial number of a drive, firmware revision number, drive size, and SATA generation and supported features. The toolkit also allows you to view SMART attributes on compatible drives, such as power on hours, program fail count, reported errors, the percentage of total write/erase actions, and much more.The latest versions of SSD Toolkit has improved the robustness of the recovery procedure during power cycles, secure erase, improved TRIM throughput, write performance, resume from slumber and checkpoints. Other improvements include firmware reliability with enhanced Root File Systems, enhanced internal parity error mitigation, and improved device compatibility with SATA hosts. The SanDisk SSD Toolkit is also light on its feet: CPU and memory usage is very low.System requirements include Intel or AMD 1.5 GHz processor or higher, 512MB of RAM, and 50MB free disk space.

The SanDisk SSD Toolkit includes all the tools you need to keep your drive running at peak performance.

The SSD Toolkit only works with SanDisk brand solid state drives. Administrator rights are needed to install and run the toolkit.

Angela Rogers
Ive always used scandisk cards and needed something to manage them. This works wonders. It is really easy to use and i can manage all my information really easily. If you use Scandisk products you need to pick up this program. It will make your life easier!
You need the SSD Toolkit if you're looking for a way to easily analyze your drive and firmware updates. This toolkit gives you precisely the functionality that you'll need to investigate your drive model, but that's not all. You can also check on your capacity and firmware version. Don't forget about SMART attributes too. The software is unfortunately only compatible with the SanDisk Solid State Drive.
Aaron Nagle
After downloading the SanDisk SSD Toolkit i've noticed an increase in performance on my computer. I really like how it's non intrusive and how it just does it's own thing in the background. All in all, its a very useful product.
very weightless, looking good, copying speed is also good. one demerit little warmer when you transfer data.i have installed windows 10 pro in it and have boot in my mac os.compact works extremely great mac and windows
SanDisk SSD Toolkit is a great product because it allows you to see multiple central location functions. Functions like performance, temperature, and speed, and that is only a few of the parts. A plus is that this software is free to use. It only takes a few steps to install the SanDisk SSD onto your device/s. I recommend the use of this product!
The SanDisk SSD Toolkit is software that specifically supports operating system (32/64 bit). It is a tool that has a firmware version to handle security functions on your data, it can scan a disk to a solid-state drive. In as much as the tool deals with very complex system files, users are able to download and install the app using the wizard-like functions. One good thing about the software is it freeware license for your laptop or PC.
I love using SanDisk SSD Toolkit for Windows because it's a program that does a deep dive into the disk on my device and scans it for any required updates. By using this program, I can trust that I'm always running the latest updates so my device is able to run optimally and with the greatest number of protections in place.
SSD become even faster with periodic updates. and it works at its best.... and in Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8. ssd gets optimised in its performance... and it also controls the life time of your ssd card
With all the data we store and all the storage devices we need, it's important to have a handy way to manage your personal information and devices. The SanDisk SSD is the best way to do so, allowing you to easily manage your SanDisk storage devices and the data you collected. Its an easy and convenient tool that's available to you straight at home.
The Dashboard includes tools for analysis of the disk (including the disk model, capacity, firmware version, and SMART attributes) and firmware updates.
Sandisk’s took kit feature includes boot loop fixes, fast time reloads, and improvement of better reading data of cache setting and nvme start up. Overall the new update to the software will work better than the previous version. It will only work for sandisk branded drives only.
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