ASUS Share Link

Exchange documents between your PC and smartphone

Operating system: Windows

Release: ASUS Share Link

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Once the user is connected to a network, they can use ASUS Share Link for windows to transfer files and other data from their PC to any Android devices connect with that network. Things like documents, music, MP3s, contact lists, files, applications, projects, videos, and more can now be easily duplicated and shared between users devices. Users don't have to worry about what drivers to install either because ASUS will install them automatically depending on the detected phone ASUS picks up. This software has gotten very high ratings on multiple sites and has been given the Software Informer Choice User Pick Award, and the Software Informer 100% Clean award (for having No Adware, No Spyware, No Viruses). It also has a wide variety of features that users appreciate.


  • Allows users to share data from PC to Android devices
  • Many types of data can be shared across this platform
  • Highly rated
  • Software Informer Choice user pick Award
  • Software Informer 100% Clean Award
  • Easy to download and install the Share Link application
  • Easy navigation from file to file
  • Simple add/drop feature to transfer files
  • Fast downloads from device to device
  • Simple open and close function to start/stop receiving files

There was a time when floppy disks, CDs, and flash drives were the best options for copying and transferring files. Technology has come a long way since then and now, copying and transferring files is as quick as the click of a mouse (or swipe across a smart screen). ASUS Link Share (for Windows) makes the process of transferring data from a PC to an Android phone or tablet easier than ever.

This is a great tool that allows users to seamlessly share their data between any Android device and their PC.

Copy information from your tablet to your PC to your phone, or in any order you choose. The duplication process is easy and makes file transferring a breeze, whether you're dealing with documents, recordings, media like pictures or music, records, applications, or other data. 

ASUS can be used with Windows 32 bit and 64-bit operating system, with licensing as freeware on such laptops or PCs.

Asus Share link offers a simple to use and clean UI for file sharing a crossed PC and Android platform. it offers less hassle if you don't want to use Dropbox or Box. the only draw back is that is not supported by MacOS
A very convenient and easy-to-use software that allows for file transfer between PC and phone. The interface is very user-friendly, just sending and receiving, where all they require is the dragging of files that the user wants to be transferred. The program has other features such as the transfer of files between to phones.
Alfie Rau
Share link makes file sharing between devices as easy as 1, 2, 3! Its super simple to install and even use but can be used for multiple applications. Available for any Windows device I think that's already enough to want to install this amazing software!
a great Windows software for managing and sharing your Windows tabs and links and editing files for other devices are instantly and securely.
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