by Davide Costa

Create an emergency rescue CD or USB to repair your computer in case of failure

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Davide Costa

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Shardana Antivirus Rescue Disk Utility or SARDU is a useful application that allows you to create bootable flash drives for emergency recovery or operating system configuration. As you know, from time to time there are situations where the computer simply cannot start the operating system. They can not be warned, but you can prepare - in advance creating a "rescue flash drive" or a CD.

With SARDU, you can include diagnostic and setup tools in your boot disk that will allow you to start the system. You can also write on a flash drive full antivirus. In fact, this utility only provides a basis for installing third-party tools, and you can download the software separately, but the developers kindly provide links to their downloads.

- allows you to create bootable CDs and Flash drives;

- supports installation of antivirus and other software from various developers;

- provides the ability to customize the boot interface;

- is completely free.

SARDU is a software used of combining all the ios which is bootable into one single form.This can be made bootable in any of the devices by burning .Windows xp , windows vista,windows seven,windows eight can be installed using the sardu software.This can be handled easily even if there are no availability of the open drives.This is completely based on windows multibooting systems.This tool helps users to manage all the cds which are bootable in to one DVD format.This is a completely free software to use.These are performed in the platforms of the windows only.These are user-friendly softwares .
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